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Mixamo’s Fuse 1.0 Launches on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux

Mixamo, Inc announced today that Fuse 1.0, Mixamo’s 3D #charactercreator, is coming to Valve’s entertainment platform, Steam. The over 65 million strong Steam #community is renowned for its active participation in modding #games as well as creating and sharing content in the Steam Workshop. That same thriving community can now use Fuse 1.0 to further extend the life of Steam games by easily creating 3D characters and importing them into popular Steam games.

Fuse offers an incredibly simple approach to high-quality 3D character creation. Unlike more traditional modeling tools, Fuse allows users of any artistic skill level to create customized, high-quality game characters in a matter of minutes simply by dragging digital body parts (heads, torsos, arms, legs, etc) and textures (pants, shorts, hats, etc) together into the Fuse interface.

Fuse 1.0 will include characters from popular Valve game Team Fortress 2, and will also introduce a revolutionary new feature: the ability to import and automatically integrate user-created clothing, body parts and substances or “smart textures”. With this new import feature, the community of users will be able to add unique content created in other modeling tools to the existing Fuse character library, making the possibilities for character creation virtually endless. Characters created in Fuse 1.0 can then be imported into compatible Steam games.

“The Valve community has already shown their excitement for Fuse, and provided us with invaluable feedback on what they would like to see in the product as we move forward,” said Stefano Corazza, CEO and co-founder of Mixamo. “We have taken that feedback to heart and rolled it all into Fuse 1.0. We can’t wait to see what the Steam community creates, and how the addition of customized characters will bring even more vibrancy to the already active Steam community.”

Steam is an online entertainment platform consisting of over 2000 games in all genres and ~65 million users. Users not only have instant access to games on multiple platforms (PC, Mac, Linux, etc), but they can also create and share content for use in select games via the Steam Workshop.

“At Valve we are great fans of user generated content and the amazing artwork the Steam community can create,” said Mark Richardson of Valve. “With Fuse 1.0 and the ability to integrate user generated assets, the character creation possibilities become endless. We can’t wait to see all the unique characters that will show up in Source Film Maker, Garry’s Mod and other community supported games.”

Fuse is currently listed at a based price of US$99 USD and can be obtained through the Fuse 1.0 Page on Steam.

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