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Moduwar modular RTS Demo tests your skill

moduwar is a modular RTS game is coming to linux mac and windows pc plus a demo

Moduwar is a modular RTS game is coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC, plus a Demo. Thanks to Biohex Studios for their incredible creativity and skill in developing the title. Due to make its way onto Steam Early Access.

Big news for all of you who like fresh and innovative gaming experiences: the Moduwar Free Demo is now available in the Steam Next Festival. It’s up for grabs for the next two weeks. This isn’t just your average demo; it packs in 2 single-player levels, multiplayer servers, and even an Arena Mode, playable on Linux via Proton. It’s a great chance to dive into something new and exciting.

Moduwar offers a fresh view of the Real-Time Strategy genre. Imagine controlling a Modu, a fascinating alien creature. This creature can also grow different organs, split, and merge them. It’s all about how you prefer to play. Whether you’re into strategic planning or fast-paced action, this feature adds a layer of personal touch to your strategy.

Now, about its development timeline: This modular RTS will be released into Early Access for around 6 to 12 months. This phase is crucial for refining and enhancing the game, so your feedback can really make a difference.

Moduwar Demo Trailer – Steam Festival 2024

Your journey in Moduwar starts with growing your Modu, beginning with the heart, which is the core of your creature. From there, you expand by growing tiles and then additional organs on these tiles. Due to play a living, breathing puzzle where every piece is vital to your success.

The splitting and merging mechanics are what set this apart. Split tiles to scout and gain a strategic edge, or merge them to fortify your defenses. It’s a dynamic system that keeps you on your toes, adapting to every new challenge.

The setting? Arkadia, an alien planet that’s both beautiful and mysterious. The single-player campaign is story-driven, taking you deep into this alien world. Plus, there are more modes to enjoy, like skirmish and monster arena.

While multiplayer mode is where you can really test your skills. With 2-4 players in a match, it’s a great way to test your friends and see who’s the best strategist.

Now, the story of Moduwar is quite intriguing. The Modu, native to Arkadia, have lived in peace for ages, evolving as needed. But that peace was shattered by two warring races, using Modu as biological weapons. In the game, you play a Modu under the Earth Repatriation Expedition (ERE). Will you side with the ERE, or fight for your freedom? Your decisions will also impact not just your fate, but that of the entire galaxy and the Moduwar.

So, if you’re looking for something different in your gaming sessions, give Moduwar Free Demo a try on Linux via Proton. It’s a whole new world waiting for you to explore and conquer in a modular RTS. Due to make its way onto Steam Early Access in Q2 2024. Along with Mac and Windows PC support.

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