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Mojang’s “Cobalt” may Launch this Friday


From the publishing studio that brought the world (that was not ready) Minecraft, comes what could be their next big game: Cobalt. This new 2D indie title is being developed by Oxeye and brought to consumers by Mojang. It will release first in Alpha format, much like the other blockbuster in Mojang’s stables, and see constant updates until it launches in its full version.

Though, exatly when Cobalt will launch in that Alpha format has, until now, not been formally clarified. However, in speaking with EDGE, Mojang Managing Director Carl Manneh set the team’s sights on December 16th. Here’s Manneh:

“We haven’t told anyone [about the release date] yet because we’re aiming for Friday, but we don’t know if we can make it…But I think we can.”

The game will hit the PC platform first. No timeline has been given for a Mac or Linux compatible flavor.

So, what is Cobalt and what can we expect from the Alpha? For that, we turn to Mojang as they’ve gone and written up a slew of information for this brand new title. Here’s Mojang on what it means to be Cobalt:

What is Cobalt?

Cobalt is an awesome platform game featuring several game modes in both hot-seat multiplayer and in singleplayer. Cobalt comes with a game editor where players can create their own maps and adventures. Cobalt is ALSO a platform game engine that can be used to create new modes or completely new games.

Now, here’s Mojang on what gamers can expect to see with each version:

What are the major milestones for the games development?

– Hot seat multiplayer
– Continued work on singleplayer/co-op main campaign
– Introducing the level editor
– Windows only

– Fully functional level editor
– Continued work on singleplayer/co-op main campaign
– Introducing in-game level sharing
– Introducing more editors
– Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Gold – Feature complete game includes:
– All editors fully functional
– In-game level sharing
– Completed main campaign
– Hot seat multiplayer

Will you be giving this interesting new title a glance if it drops this Friday? Or will you choose to stick it out in your blocky world of wonder below the Minecraft launcher?

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