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Mokoko X nostalgic arcade game gets a Demo

mokoko x nostalgic arcade game gets a demo for linux and windows pc

Mokoko X nostalgic arcade game gets a Demo for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer NAISU. Due to make its way onto Steam this spring.

Inspired by the arcade games like Volfied, Qix, and Gals Panic. Mokoko X is a game that looks to resurrect the soul of the arcade genre. All while adding in a modern touch. Which will be coming to Steam on April 7, 2022.

In Mokoko X, the main goal is assisting the girls that need help. While getting away from the weird bosses and sometimes helping out with the insects in the girl’s rooms. An enhanced version of the original Mokoko on Steam. Which raised about $2K on Kickstarter in 2019.

Now Mokoko X offers a Demo via Steam. Which I can personally confirm offers Linux and Windows PC support, maybe Mac too.

Mokoko X Announcement Trailer

Mokoko X is inspired by the popular gaming style in the late 1980’s. The game Demo certainly gives you a taste of what to expect. That is if you might be pondering what to play this weekend.

In Mokoko X, there are 32 levels, but 24 of them have unique bosses and minions. The other 8 levels will be mega-levels in which the player will fight with 3 bosses from the previous levels at the same time. Since the main goal is to assist the girls that need help from the weird bosses.


  • 8 girls to help
  • 32 levels with 24 unique bosses with their minions
  • 24 absurd stories that will reveal details about the bosses and the girls
  • Fully animated, Japanese, and English voiceovers for all the characters!
  • Lovely graphics!
  • Traps, towers, crates, and bonus effects
  • Arcade Mode
  • Live high scores displayed for hardcore players
  • Nostalgia remastered!

Mokoko X nostalgic arcade game is due to launch on April 7, 2022. Including support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. But why not try the Demo on Steam and Wishlist the game too.

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