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Molecats puzzle adventure will come to Linux

molecats puzzle adventure will come to linux ubuntu windows games

Molecats is a challenging indirect-control puzzle adventure …with traps! Since the games currently available on Early Access for Windows. Linux with Ubuntu support will also be in the mix soon.

Yes we have Linux build and we will add before release, in Early Access.

So there is no specified release date for native support. Yet the developers are working to release in “around 2-3 months, with a planned release Fall/Winter 2017.” So Linux and Ubuntu support is not too far off.

The games goal is to lead Molecats through the game levels. Which are is divided into TILES. So players will have to take control by giving them some simple commands. Since this also includes special Powers and manipulating TILES. All to collect mushrooms, discover secrets and find the exit.

Molecats are sort of cat-mole hybrids. They are simpletons who like mushrooms, marching and go on adventures! They usually dig into nearby caves to gather delicious ‘shrooms and shiny relics, but mostly get lost along the way.

Molecats Features:

  • Indirect control based on manipulating with level tiles. Rotate tiles to make different paths; apply special powers to tiles to make Molecats run, stop, or walk in opposite direction.
  • Simple but challenging. Pretty simple game mechanics at it’s base, but with a little twists for a challenging pathfinding puzzles.
  • Peace! Traps and monsters, that do not kill, but rather make walkthrough much more complicated.
  • “Nonfailure” gameplay style. You can’t actually fail a level, but you will become more puzzled, if you are making mistakes.
  • Lots of secrets! Secondary goals in each level, trophies, mysterious unlocks, special relic collections to gather, hidden locations and secret levels with unique game mechanics.

So the puzzle adventure of Molecats is now available on Steam Early Access. Yet the release only supports Windows, with Linux and Ubuntu to follow shortly.

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