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Molek-Syntez create drugs in the full release

molek-syntez create drugs in the full release on linux mac windows pc

Molek-Syntez will have you create drugs in the full release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Zachtronics. Releasing the games with 96% Very Positive reviews on Steam.

Molek-Syntez is about creating drugs in a small Romanian apartment. Since the release on early accesse early this month. Now the full release is available. So I will use the term, trying to hook you in. While you program your molecular synthesizer. Of course, the whole goal is to turn chemicals into medicines. Mixing in other substances for “various pharmacological effects”.

So welcome to a new life as a Romanian drug king? You synthesize known drugs in Molek-Syntez by placing the forerunner into the grid. While you program the sequencer to rearrange things to match the output. As elements are pushed and pulled into new chemicals. Check out the trailer below.

Molek-Syntez by Zachtronics

Most, if not almost all of Zachtronics are about the gameplay. Since the solutions you create are not for the Romanian party scene. But also create a sense of fun. While you can craft details strings of instructions. Then gif them to share with the world. There are also Molek-Syntez leaderboards, in case you are looking to compete. Since the game does challenge you to crack into the top range of players. It also has its own Solitaire game that you can cheat with.


  • MAKE DRUGS – Program your molecular synthesizer (Molek-Syntez) to convert ordinary industrial chemicals like benzene, acetone, and hydrochloric acid into a variety of small molecules with various pharmacological effects.
  • SHOW OFF – Optimize your solutions and share them with the world using the built-in score histograms, friend leaderboards, and animated GIF exporter.
  • CHEAT AT CARDS – In a move that should surprise no one, Molek-Syntez contains an original Zachtronics solitaire game. When you get stuck, cheat and place your cards wherever you want. Just don’t do it so much that you get in over your head…

It seems that Molek-Syntez echoes of several Zachtronics games. As if there were building it all together. Automating the game design to create this out of Opus Magnum, TIS-100, and SpaceChem.

Molek-Syntez is available now on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. And it’s only priced at $9.99 USD.

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