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Monaco update comes with new mini-campaign, zombie mode, and Linux support

monaco update comes with new mini-campaign, zombie mode linux mac windows games

Andy Schatz has broken into his own #game. Not to steal something, though. While that would be true to theme of #Monaco, it would also be somewhat self-defeating. Instead, he’s planted a #new #mini-campaign. It’s called Monaco Origins, because video games. In addition, you’ll also find Linux support, in preparation for #SteamOS, and a #zombie mode, possibly in preparation for Halloween. That or, again, because video #games.

The Monaco Origins campaign follows the origin stories of the eight thieves. The levels contain new features, including key-doors, trophies, rocket launcher guards, and a new class, The Blonde. Guards won’t attack her until they’re up close, meaning she can shepherd them around, staying far enough away to avoid damage.

You can see a full update run-down over at the Monaco Facebook page. Alternatively, check out the video below.

The free update is out now, and coincides with a 60% off sale on Monaco through Steam. It will be available for $6/£4.79 until tomorrow.

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