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Monster Bash HD remaster releases the adventure

monster bash hd game remaster releases the adventure on linux and windows pc

Monster Bash HD game remaster releases the adventure on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the work of developer Emberheart Games. Which is still available on Steam with a discount.

Monster Bash HD is the remaster of the classic bash’em and smash’em adventure from the legendary Apogee Entertainment. Which also rises from the dead Linux and Windows PC. While you fall under the spell of this stunning definitive edition. All thanks to the costumed wizards at Emberheart Games, who celebrate with retouched graphics. There is also a level editor with Steam Workshop support. Plus new secrets, leaderboards, and more.

The blood moon rises and the time is nigh for a haunting rewind to the early ‘90s. So, when Monster Bash delighted and frightened in equal measure. One of the most challenging games of its time. Where Monster Bash packed 28 (!) scary levels full of witches, zombies, demons, and puzzles. Now in Monster Bash HD you will play as Johnny Dash again. While you venture into the Underworld to rescue kidnapped pets from the villainous Count Chuck. Fend off creepies with a slingshot and save your beloved dog Tex. As you wake Johnny from this nightmare.

Monster Bash HD Launch Trailer

Whether returning to the Underworld or setting foot for the first time. Players will enjoy touch-ups like new setting effects, smoother and improved gameplay. Including support for modern resolutions. These updates and upgrades preserve the nostalgic look and feel in Monster Bash HD. But there’s even more to love with brand new secrets and hidden achievements in fan-favorite levels. For the second time this year, Apogee is releasing new content for a 30-year-old game. Madness!

Track progress against friends while pushing for every last extra point to dominate online leaderboards. Make an even better game (good luck!) with the new level editor, powered by Steam Workshop. Bash some baddies anywhere with cloud save support and take your best shot at new difficulty levels. But don’t worry—Apogee didn’t touch the soundtrack.

Monster Bash HD bash’em and smash’em adventure smashes its way onto Steam. All priced at $9.99 USD / £7.19 / 8,19€ with a 25% discount for a few more hours. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC.

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