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Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp sim releases now

monster prom 2: monster camp dating sim releases now in linux gaming mac and windows pc

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp dating sim releases now in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to indie developer Beautiful Glitch. The sequel is now available on Steam and GOG. With Positive reviews and a small discount.

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp released the colorful sequel. The follow up to the original hit multiplayer dating sim Monster Prom. That also happens to come with day one support. So you can steal the affections of a wide cast of paranormal paramours. Available in totally new summertime haunt bursting with irreverent humor. Not to ment affectionate artwork and raging monster hormones.

Spend your days hanging out with friends at different parts of Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp. You can do activities and deciding how the story will go. So that when the sun goes down, you can gather ‘round the campfire. A new system where you can choose who to sit with. Not mention who to gossip about. Since the gossip mechanic lets you spread rumors about other characters. Maybe even about yourself. While in turn, opens up new ways to help or sabotage your fellow campers.

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp – Release Trailer

The game now features over 50 characters. There are also 350 events, 20 endings and more. Choosing your pronouns and pursue whoever you want regardless of your identity. Including the series’ first non-binary romance option in Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp. With the reaper of souls and hearts, Milo Belladonna.

Play on your own or competitively with up to four players in online and local multiplayer. As well as Steam Remote Play Together. You can finish a trip to camp in a single play session. But now with tons of characters, events and surprises to discover. All based on your choices, so that each playthrough is a unique adventure.

Available today in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC for $11.99 USD. But with that 10% release week discount, the game is priced at $10.79 USD. Plus Monster Camp dating sim releases on Steam and GOG.

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