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Monster RPG 2 – Open JRPG Game & Engine for Linux

One of the great aspects of being apart of the Linux and Open Source community, we have the ability to shape the outcome. Which is also the case with the recentIndieGogo game, Monster RPG 2. Not only does the project support gamers but developers keen to create their own game using the Mo2 engine, with a personal email interaction from the developer.

What is rather impressive about this crowdfunding campaign, the developer breaks down the cost structure, so you know where the money is going. That really caught my attention. Plus being keen to see an old-school type game come to life with a modern twist, absolutely. Bring it on!!

From Monster RPG 2’s developer, Trent Gamblin:

For the player, there is the Baryon alpha. They’ll get access to alpha/beta/final builds all throughout the development of the game. For the developer, you can get 1 on 1 help and even personal coding services from me, to make a game of your own with the engine. In the end, the engine should be very usable for anyone to make their own JRPG game with.

Here is the FULL Campaign description:

Short Summary

Monster RPG 2 is a fairly successful JRPG for PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. But it can be so much more! I am seeking funding that will allow me to not only open source the game engine and all of its data, but also help developers create games using this engine by 1) Offering contributors 1 on 1 help via email, IRC and any other form of communication accessible to me, and 2) Create a massive development wiki which will have information on the codebase and data formats used to personalize a game of your own. For 3 months I will be at the mercy of my contributors, fixing bugs and adding features to make this engine general purpose and easy for coders to create their dream games with. And plus, anyone in the world will be able to download Monster RPG 2 for free!

What We Need & What You Get

To make this game free and open, I need to keep my server running, development fees paid and enough left over to continue developing new games. My server costs about $40/mo and I need $99 annually for an iOS development license. I calculate $40/mo and $99/yr to be $1160 over two years. I estimate that perks will cost me several hundred dollars, and it’s inevitable that I will need some money to continue working on Baryon (which you get with $5 and up contributions) which is why I’m asking for $1500.

I’m offering some really unique perks. I’ll be your personal coding machine for 2 weeks for $50, for example.

New perk: Get access to our latest game as we develop it!

I’m very happy to announce a new $5 perk in this campaign. It’s a doozy. You’ll get alpha access (EDIT: AT LEAST monthly builds, sometimes more often) to our “top-secret” in-development game we’ve code-named Baryon (plus the full version when it’s ready)! It’s in the “early” (not EARLY EARLY) stages and it’s going to be fantastic. Estimated time of delivery is December 1st so we can polish it up for you guys some more.

The Impact

The world needs more open source games! But that doesn’t mean YOUR game has to be open source. You will be free to choose whatever license you want for the Monster RPG 2 engine, thanks to it being released under the Give it Your Own License, License. Like free software? Release your game under the GPL. Or perhaps you want to make a commercial game? That’s ok too!

But this campaign isn’t only about developers. Every single person out there will gain access to the full version of Monster RPG 2 from the App Store, direct from our site, or from one of the many other distributors the game is available from now. So by making a pledge, you’re investing in free copies of the game for all of your friends and family, too.

Other Ways You Can Help

There are a large number of people that really enjoy classic style JRPGs, and there are very few good ones available freely. Get the word out to your friends about this campaign! Any pledge is super-appreciated by me. On an end note, this game was once free for a day on the iTunes App Store. It received over 10 thousand downloads that day. For $1500, the game could be downloaded tens of thousands more times for free!

This campaign really has two goals. Spread a great game to as many people as possible for free, and help developers make great games of their own by improving the engine over the course of 3 months, even adding custom features specifically designed by contributors. My love for this game means I will continue to support it (though may not have as much time) beyond 90 days. APPEND: And now there’s a third goal: get some new eyes on our in-development action RPG, Baryon!

Please note: I will provide all the support I can for developers, but I recommend a good knowledge of C++ and programming in general if you wish to take advantage of the developer perks! Please also note that this game uses version 5.1 of the Allegro game programming library.

NOTE: “I” in this campaign description is referring to Trent Gamblin and is NO way linked to Linux Game News.

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