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Monster Sanctuary RPG new Backer Beta

monster sanctuary exploration rpg new backer beta in linux mac windows games

Monster Sanctuary is a monster taming RPG for Linux, Mac, Windows and the games Beta. Moi Rai Games just released a new update. The developer just released the new Backer Beta. And you can also get access too.

Monster Sanctuary with party based combat. And also metroidvania like exploration. New monsters provide additional strategic options in combat. While allowing you to overcome obstacles to explore new areas. And find hidden treasures.
Since turn based combat focuses on team synergy and combos. Also making Monster Sanctuary distinctive. Unique to other popular monster collecting games.

As the youngest heir of an ancient bloodline of Monster Keepers. You step out into the world to follow in your ancestors’ footsteps. Gathering a party of monsters to grow and train.
Meanwhile, there is also a series of unsettling events. This worries the experienced Keepers of the Monster Sanctuary. This is the beginning of a journey. While you unravel the cause of a mystery. One that also that threatens peace between humans and monsters.

Monster Sanctuary – Demo Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

The Demo is also available on both Steam and Itch. Should want a taste.

New Content

So here is the new content in Backer Beta:

  • New story content that takes you through the Stronghold Dungeon. Also the Ancient Woods. While you uncover a terrible plot that threatens the Monster Sanctuary. The story content features three Keeper Battles. And two new Champion Monsters. The new areas are larger than previous areas. So they offer a lot of optional rooms to discover. Since you can complete the new areas in any order you wish. The new areas are east of the Keepers’ Stronghold.
  • Thirteen new Monsters
  • A new area: Stronghold Dungeon
  • The new area: Ancient Woods
  • Plus a new feature: Keeper Battles in Monster Sanctuary
  • Another new feature: Monster Journal
  • One more new feature: Monster Evolution (2 growth aspects have been added to the game)
  • New feature: Monster Renaming
  • Monster explore abilities have been reworked
  • Old areas have been modified with some new rooms

Game Features:

    • Strategical turn based combat in Monster Sanctuary
    • Every monster has a unique skill tree. This lets you classify your monster to pursue different strategies
    • Feeding and equipping your monsters to improve their stats further stress this aspect
    • A combo system that gives additional depth to the combat
    • Combat ratings that stresses the best combat completion
    • Using monster abilities to unlock new areas

Monster sanctuary monster taming RPG started off in 2015. More as a free time project. Before launching into full time development in 2018. Which continues to evolve quite nicely. Thanks to the Kickstarter campaign.

To get access to the Monster sanctuary Backer Beta. The RPG is also available for Linux, Mac and Windows. You can get access here.

Moi Rai Games plans to launch into Early Access in August. While a full release end of next year.

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