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Monsters and Munitions will be coming to Linux

Here’s another indie game to be added to the already steadily growing repository of Linux games. This time around, the game is a #physicsbased #card collecting #game called Monsters and Munitions on Steam.The game is currently on Steam’s early access section($6.99 USD). When contacted directly by Gaming on Linux for its plans for Linux, the game’s developers confirmed their full intention to make the game also available on Linux.

Monsters and Munitions is a physics based card collecting game in which the player is tasked with launching shots to devastate the enemy from afar. According to the game’s plot, the evil Dr. Frank is unleashing his monsters to wreak havoc on the world. So it is now up to you to put a stop to his diabolical plan. You get to do this with your trusty tank that launches the Munitions of your choice from your available deck on to the Monsters and blowing them to tiny little manageable bits.

Your munitions level up as you go along and you get access to more cards as you play through, thus unlocking a wider selection of munitions to wreak havoc on the monsters with. The munitions are represented through cards so you can build your own custom deck that matches your play style. To make the explosions even more spectacular, the monsters stand around explosive barrels and volatile lab equipment that are just waiting to be blown up and start a chain reaction along with the destructible environment. The game is said to be free of any kind of micro-transactions (so that’s a good thing). Plus, the game promises to keep expanding the variety of the cards through regular updates to keep the player coming back for more, along with soon-to-come support for unique decks, like a Defense Deck.


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