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Moondrop farm & adventure launch unveiled

moondrop cozy farming roguelite game has a release date for linux and windows pc

Moondrop cozy farming roguelite game has a release date for Linux and Windows PC. This fantastic creation is the fruit of Moonroof Studios’ dedicated labour and creativity. Currently available in Steam Early Access with a discount.

An adventure is waiting on the ever-changing mountain, Moondrop. It’s not just any mountain, it’s a whole new world full of mystery, exploration, and a dash of farming. But this isn’t your run of the mill agriculture, it’s a wild ride full of strange crops, hidden pathways, and creative puzzles. These will also shift and transform with each new visit.

This magical mountain of Moondrop keeps things fresh, unique, and exciting every time you set foot on it. One day you’re finding your way through a lilypad maze, the next you’re morphing into a sheep. You could also be making friends with a curious fox. The trails, they are never the same. Each hike up this misty wonder unveils a whole new adventure and holds hidden treasures. Also powerful perks and ingenious blueprints waiting for you to discover.

The cozy farming roguelite also has a new trailer that reveals the release date. While showcasing some of the new Mountain Trails that are a new addition since Moondrop hit Early Access a year ago. Catch falling stars, get lost in a lily pad maze, turn into a sheep, and pet a fox.

Moondrop Release Date Trailer

The farming bit of Moondrop is as fun as it is challenging. Imagine crops that move, duplicate, or even eat their neighbours. Yet, taming these eccentric plants can be hugely rewarding. And keep an eye out for the notoriously mistberry. Since it’s a tough one to grow but once you get the hang of it, this little fruit can help hold back the ever-looming, pesky mists that threaten your farm. Due to give you some extra time to gather resources.

But what happens when the mists eventually roll in? You pack up and head back down to a quaint, deserted village, Oncewas. You use your hard-earned loot to rebuild this forgotten place, restoring its former glory. With each building you put back together in Moondrop, people will start to return – a blacksmith here, a fortune teller there. And they won’t just sit around. They’ll lend you a hand on your next farming endeavor, providing nifty upgrades and unique powers that will help you on your future journeys up the mountain.

The doors to this remarkable world are opening for everyone on Friday, July 28th. So, pack your adventurous spirit and your green thumb, Moondrop is getting ready for Linux players.

The plan has been to increase the price of Moondrop from $10 to $15 USD once the game gets out of Early Access. For the next couple of day, the cozy farming roguelite game has a Steam Summer Sale 20% discount. Dropping the price to $7.99 USD / £5.75 / 6,55€. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC.

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