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Moondrop farming roguelite to go native

moondrop farming roguelite game to get a native linux build after windows pc

Moondrop farming roguelite game to get a native Linux build after Windows PC. According to further details from developer Moonroof Studios. Who are gearing up for a Steam Early Access release.

Solo developer Moonroof Studios will be releasing the farming roguelite Moondrop into Early Access on PC on August 12th. Moonroof combines tactical farming mechanics with roguelike replayability and exploration to deliver a fresh take on the venerable roguelike genre.

Each farm is located on a shapeshifting mountain. One where magical mists descend nightly and rearrange the terrain. No Moonroof farm can last forever. But Moondrop players skilled at farming and alchemy can hold off the mists for a time. You must position crops carefully for maximum growth. All while dealing with exotic plants that teleport around the farm. They can also cannibalize their neighbors.
As a result, you will explore a Moondrop procedurally generated mountain trail “dungeon”. One that is full of puzzles, secrets, and powerful potion ingredients. After each farm disappears into the mists, you rebuild a village. All so you can unlock more new upgrades, perks, and magic items for the next run. With skill and persistence, you will reach the top of the Moondrop mountain and reveal its mysteries.

The game is developed with Unity, which should (in theory haha) make cross-platform development much simpler. I plan to release a Linux version of Moondrop within a month of the game’s initial release

Linux support is coming due to the Moonroof Studios email. With Unity 3D being used for development. Since this should offer some hope for Proton support. At least until the native release is available. With Early Access due to last sometime into the second half of 2022.

Moondrop Release Date Trailer

The peculiar crops that grow on Moondrop are particular plants. They must be matched up with their neighbors in order to flower and flourish. Exotic plants will warp across the farm, clone themselves, or tunnel away from your fields. A farmer who can wrangle these weird and wily crops will make a big profit. The famously finicky mistberry is difficult to grow. But it may be used to hold off the vanishing mists. As well as keep the farm in place for a few more days.

Every hike up the misty mountain offers a new trail to explore. In Moondrop you will discover new seeds, perks, and blueprints. All hidden away along the procedurally generated trails. Each discovery will unlock new prospects on the next farm. Solve puzzles to learn the secrets of the mountain. Or just spend the day fishing.

Moondrop farming roguelite game will release during the full moon on August 12th, 2022. Doing so via Steam Early Access on Windows PC, followed by Linux. So be sure to Wishlist the game.

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