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Moonlighter big things coming in the updates

moonlighter big things coming in the updates for linux mac windows

Moonlighter releases at road map of the big things coming in the updates for Mac and Windows, hopefully Linux too.
Since 11 bit studios and Digital Sun believe that a good adventure always requires a little bit of old-fashioned planning.

So this post is all about the roadmap!​ A carefully plotted path that will ultimately lead you to your goal. Is there a treasure waiting at the end of the road? Perhaps a princess or a prince? Shining, golden horse armor? You do you, who’s judging. To aid you in your travels to the dungeons outside of Rynoka, this something very special for all of the fans, the​ Moonlighter Development Roadmap for 2018.

Linux version:

“The Linux version is under development, but we don’t have the exact date for the release yet.

We’ll announce it as soon as any date will be confirmed.”

So that status has not changed. I am also waiting on further details from 11bit Studios. Since I’m hoping to see support along with all of the other updates.

Since Moonlighter’s release, the feedback that we have received from fans has been equal parts overwhelming and also amazing! The fans and community have some crazy good ideas and guess what. And you know what always works best? Cooperation! Collecting your feedback and ​incorporating as much of it as possible into our development plan​. After many internal discussions, hours of research, and the consumption of non-alcoholic beverages (swear!). The dev’s proudly present to you Moonlighter Development Roadmap 2018​!

Excited? Let’s give you a little bit more information about each milestone from the roadmap (not everything, though – there are some secrets) and this should go without saying, but all the updates you see here are going to be totally free!

Moonlighter | Official Launch Trailer (Windows, Mac, soon Linux)

The Roadmap of Updates coming:

  • More Stock Update — Our first update will ​ add more than 50 new rooms​ ​distributed all over the four dungeons​ making a total of ​ almost 600 room patterns available​! It’s also going to improve the look of armors and enchanted items, plus they plan to add some additional help/tutorials to explain different shop upgrades better.
  • Adventure Update — New Game+​ lets players start the whole game again with increased difficulty level. This update will also bring brand new​ Dimensional Weapons and Amulets​, powerful equipment based on an unknown and mysterious technology.
  • Companion Update — Feeling lonely in the Dungeons? Worry no more! ​Choose a companion and bring it with you on the adventure​ ! ​Each companion will be a little bit different, offering various skill sets and looks. On top of that they’re going to introduce​ the ​ Custom Game​ — a set of options that will allow you to to modify certain game parameters to create diverse experiences.
  • Trouble Update — Put your skills to the test by battling some brand new mini bosses! They’re not going to tell you anything more about them — because the dev’s want those enemies to surprise (and brutally defeat… muah ha ha ha) you during your adventures. Yup, they’re sadistic like that sometimes. They’re also going to add new​ Item Effects, boosting the game’s variety. This update should arrive sometime around Halloween — so they are hoping to bring you some spoOOoky stuff, too!

That’s the basics, as not to spoil everything . But keep you on the edge of your seats while you wait for upcoming content! And yes – ​ there is even MOREupdates planned for 2019​. Hopefully Linux will come sooner than later.


We absolutely love what David Fenn did with Moonlighter’s Official Soundtrack. The feeling of nostalgia, lust for adventure and unending thirst for gold – everything is there! But the best things in the world are those which we can share with others. That’s why, from now on, you can listen to ​ Moonlighter’s OST on Spotify​! If you prefer other platforms, it’s also​ available on Bandcamp​, where you can also buy it to support David and his awesome creativity!

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