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MoonQuest adventure launches out of Early Access

moonquest adventure game launches out of early access on linux mac windows pc

MoonQuest adventure game launches out of Early Access on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Wizard Mode. The games now live on both and on Steam (no Linux).

MoonQuest releases after 8 years in development. Along with 18 months in Early Access. Now officially launching in 2020. A procedurally generated adventure game taking place in an alien world.

Since every game in MoonQuest features a unique world. You will also face a range of regions, resources, wildlife, enemies, NPCs, and weather. While allowing the player can delve into the caves. Venturing below the forest to find rare metal ores. Taking a journey into ancient ruins to discover powerful items. And of course, find the lost cathedral to discover its secrets.

The world in MoonQuest is surrounded by a number of strange moons. And as a result, each has subtle influences on the landscape below. For instance the Death Moon summons the undead. While the Golden Moon generates caches of treasure. Previewed in this Twitter post.

MoonQuest Gameplay Trailer

There are 21 playable characters in MoonQuest. Some with unique abilities or items. There are also hundreds of items to discover and craft. Naturally, this includes weapons, tools, and armor. These items may be available deep within a mountain. Maybe in the cellar of a merchant. Or just locked away in a dungeon.
Finding these items will help you survive. In the town you’ll find merchants and tool crafting. Therefore, by locating the right currency or resources you can buy, forge, cook, or weave many useful items.

MoonQuest had a successful Kickstarter campaign. Of course, back when it was known as Moonman.

MoonQuest features art by G.P. Lackey and Alex McDonald. While including music by Aliceffekt and Gio Lobato. SFX by Andrew Monte, and additional programming by Sam Izzo.

The adventure games available on and on Steam (no Linux). Priced at $19.99 USD. Which launches with support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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