Moonray hack and slash RPG is a “maybe”

moonray hack and slash RPG game is a maybe for linux windows pc

Moonray is a new hack and slash RPG game coming Windows PC, but also holds hope for Linux. Thanks a developer reply from Everything is Full of Gods. Due to make it’s away onto Steam Early Access this July.

Moonray is Souls-like hack and slash taking place on surreal planets. Due to begin its journey on Steam Early Access starting Thursday, July 2, 2020 for Windows PC. While the intergalactic adventure arrives on next generation hardware at a later date. But there is already a Linux comment worth sharing.

We don’t have any immediate plans for Linux support. But we are planning on porting this to several platforms. So basically, it’s a definite “maybe”….

Sorry I don’t have anything more concrete for you.

This reply comes from the Discussions comment for Moonray. Since the game is developed using Unreal Engine 4. Making the possibility a great deal more hopefully. While giving the community a place to share that Tux Love or +1. At least until further confirmation.

Moonray Official Reveal Trailer

In Moonray you awaken as a golem created by a godlike being. As you destroy the deadly cult seeking her demise. Slay the dangerous denizens of the Salvador Dali-inspired world of It-Ao. All brought to life with gorgeous AAA quality shaders and techniques. With a design that will push the limits of PC hardware. Since the abstract wasteland pulses. Sync’ing with the rhythm of a cinematic electronic soundtrack to create a menacing, hypnotic atmosphere.

Moonray’s combat quickly shifts from simple beginnings to tense showdowns. Weave light and heavy melee attacks with Hyperblaster shots. While dodging and parrying blows to wear down and destroy the opposition. Slay enemies to earn materials spent at resting points. Also known as Beams of Light to upgrade health, stamina, and healing abilities.

Early Access features several hours of Moonray gameplay. Among desert vistas, with forest worlds to appear in the 10-15 hour campaign. Which all debut in version 1.0 after the 18 months of Early Access. Updates in the near future will include powerful weapons to find and upgrade. Above all, new offensive and defensive abilities. So you can turn the tide of combat. Along with massive new biomes full of mysteries to uncover.

Moonray hack and slash RPG releases on Steam Early Access for $9.99 USD. With further price increases as development continues until a planned release of Summer 2021. The game debuts with support for English language text and voice acting. With future support for Spanish, French, Dutch and German.

For more information, visit the Moonray official website. Like the game on Facebook, and follow on Twitter.

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