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Moons of Ardan gets new upgrades

moons of ardan city building game gets new upgrades for windows pc with linux options

Moons of Ardan city building game gets new upgrades for Windows PC with Linux options. Which is the result of the work from developer Pandora Technology. Which is available now on Steam Early Access. Along with 93% Positive reviews.

Pandora Technology, the Belgian independent game development studio behind sci-fi city-builder Moons of Ardan. Who is also releasing the 7th content update: Improved Visuals and Control Tools.

Linux Support:

We would like to make a Linux version.
If you think it could be great we can sneak a Linux version (without guarantee) like what we did with the mac version.

No guarantees for Moons of Ardan, but there is hope for Linux support. The developers are hoping to be able to sneak in a native build for the Unity 3D game. Along with a full launch later in October 2023, roughly. Until then, Proton. Also check out the FAQ.

Moons of Ardan – Exclusive Gameplay Trailer

This genre defining indie gem, Moons of Ardan, allows you to expand your civilization. Doing so across the moons of a real-time simulated planetary system. Due to grow a small band of stranded Axonauts into a multi-lunar space faring society.

Content update #7 introduces

  • 2 new buildings
  • 8 improved building designs
  • A new job assignment priority system
  • Volumetric clouds
  • More varied trees
  • Grass on moons
  • More graphs to improve civilization analysis

The Moons of Ardan developers can be easily contacted on their Discord server. Should you want to share some Tux luv for Linux.

Moons of Ardan is a city building game taking place in space. So it’s up to you to expand your civilization in a living planetary system.

Key game features:

  • A game based on citizens’ well being and resources management. Such as the acclaimed Anno series, expanded to a living, simulated planetary system.
  • An exciting visual game focusing on a living and moving playground. Including spacecraft flying by and planets rising at the horizon. All carrying the traces of your colonists’ settlements.
  • A planetary ecosystem providing ecological stakes. Doing so as a test and an experimentation playground.

Moons of Ardan city building game was released in early access in October 2021. The project started in September 2020. The game is also priced at $11.99 USD / £10.39 / 11,99€, including the 20% discount on Steam Early Access. Along with support for Windows PC, but is due to sneak in a Linux build.

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