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Moonstone Island clouds of adventure await

moonstone island creature collecting life sim game launches on linux steam deck mac windows pc

Moonstone Island creature collecting life sim game launches on Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the brilliant team at Studio Supersoft. Available now on Steam with 84% Positive reviews too.

Take on a world in the skies where you’re surrounded by a range of colorful islands. While every cloud holds the promise of adventure. This is the allure of Moonstone Island creature collecting life sim on Linux and Steam Deck. Also the latest offering from indie developer Studio Supersoft and renowned publisher Raw Fury. To put it simply, it’s a charming journey that places you in the shoes of a budding alchemist. It takes place amidst a sea of floating islands, each with its own story.

In the lore of this Moonstone Island universe, young alchemists from your village are encouraged to venture out. Due to find their own sky island to complete their training. It’s a rite of passage. As the hero, you’re not alone. Nature Spirits accompany you, assisting in your endeavors. These Spirits are not just companions; they have their own might, which becomes apparent during card-based battles.

While the Moonstone Island story draws you in, it’s the vast landscape that truly mesmerizes you. Transport mechanisms are both whimsical and practical – from balloons to brooms, and even gliders. The sky is vast, and every corner of it beckons. The range in terrain ensures there’s always something fresh to witness. Be it ancient temples whispering tales of yore, or tricky dungeons hiding untold treasures. So there’s no shortage of places to satiate the adventurer in you.

Moonstone Island | Launch Trailer

Your base, an island, isn’t just a mere pit stop. It’s a canvas for your creativity. Here, you can design, develop, and decorate a home that reflects your personality. And the best part? You can choose from any of the 100 unique islands available in Moonstone Island. The world morphs procedurally, meaning no two adventures will ever feel the same.

While exploration is at the heart of your journey, the Moonstone Island community plays an integral role too. Interacting with non-player characters (NPCs) isn’t a mere checkbox. It’s a wholesome experience, with possibilities of forging friendships, experiencing romance, and truly integrating into the sky community.

Spirits, both wild and tamed, are an essential part of the journey. Beyond their role in Moonstone Island battles, they can also be nurtured, becoming loyal companions. It’s an exercise in bonding and strategy. Similarly, the essence of alchemy isn’t just superficial. From crafting unique items to upgrading skills, there’s a depth that ensures the alchemical aspect isn’t merely a backdrop but a fully realized vocation.

Furthermore, farming isn’t restricted to the ground. In the Moonstone Island lofty world, you cultivate crops and flowers with dual purposes: brewing potent mixture and wooing Spirits.

And as an added bonus? Moonstone Island has a nod to another popular game. The Cool Slime Spirit takes a page from Terraria by Re-Logic. While offering both familiarity and novelty.

Moonstone Island is more than just a creature collecting life sim game. It’s a world that offers an blend of adventure, creativity, community, and strategy. With inspirations drawing from Studio Ghibli classics, it doesn’t merely provide a game; it promises memories. Available on Linux and Steam Deck, plus Mac as well as Windows PC. Priced at $17.99 USD / £15.07 / 17,55€ with the 10% launch discount on Steam.

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