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More funding will bring Obsidian Entertainment on board for Wasteland sequel development

As if fans of old-school PC RPGs didn’t have enough reason to be excited about the successfully Kickstarted sequel to Wasteland, there’s now word that Planescape: Torment studio Obsidian Entertainment will join in on the development of the game if the project reaches a new goal of $2.1 million in funding.

According to a statement released by developer inXile, Wasteland mastermind Brian Fargo reached out to Obsidian Chief Creative Officer Chris Avellone, who says he “jumped at the chance” to work on what he considers a spiritual successor to the Fallout series. Fargo previously worked with members of the Obsidian team at Interplay’s Black Rock Studios, on titles like Icewind Dale and the first two Fallout games.

Besides reuniting these talented developers, Fargo said adding Obsidian to the project would bring “an incredible library of story, dialog and design tools that they have used to create hits like Neverwinter Nights 2, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, and of course, Fallout: New Vegas. Regardless of the tech we use to develop the game, experience with these tools will help us efficiently design the game without wasting time and resources on the tools needed for development.”

The Kickstarter fundraising effort for Wasteland 2 flew past its initial $900,000 funding goal just two days after its launch earlier this month, and has since passed the $1.5 million that was deemed necessary to add a Mac/Linux version on top of the PC edition. Backers now have 17 days to raise the nearly $450,000 necessary to reach the new, Obsidian-attracting level of $2.1 million. That’s money the studio could surely use, after reportedly letting go of 20 to 30 employees earlier this month.

Obsidian is now also taking PayPal pledges directly through its website, and is still offering funding rewards ranging from a downloadable soundtrack to an autographed collector’s edition of the boxed game. Five percent of all donations will be reinvested in other projects through the Kicking It Forward initiative.

Image courtesy of inXile

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