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More Speculations and Allegations of Valves Half-Life 3

More Speculations and Allegations of Valves Half-Life3

It is almost 10 years since  Half-Life 2 got released and Half Life 3 is yet to be #announced. Fans are growing tired of the wait and many wondered on the game’s #development progress. Despite Valve’s silence on the 3rd instalment title, many leaks have surfaced over the years leading the fans to believe that a #release is imminent.

According to Redditor Slenderauss, Valve is probably constructing the game levels which include adding enemies and scripted sequences. Adding to that, Valve probably discarded the idea for an Episode 3 and did a complete re-writing for Half Life 3.

Another Redditor known as CunningMunki believed that Valve already locked the story for Half Life 3 as well as the key concepts and in-game elements. Like many other Redditors, CunningMunki felt that the long delay was well due to Source 2 development. There is also that high gaming standards set by Valve in creating what probably will be the best PC game ever which caused the delay.

At the moment, nobody other than the game developer knows the development progress. Valve could be quiet on the matter due to the mistakes they’ve made with Half Life 2. The company announced an unachievable release date, released a demo too early and got its source code stolen.

As for when we can expect the game to arrive, 2014 looks like the perfect year for Half Life 3. With a new Source engine, a launching will be perfect with a world class title like Half Life 3.

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