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Yesterday we reported that some game studios have added Linux support to their Unity3D games. Now couple of more Unity3D games are coming to Linux.As Linux publishing support is available only in Unity 4 mostly new games who are using latest version of the engine are adding Linux support. However, I believe existing game studios who are using Unity engine will soon upgrade to Unity 4 as Unity 3.x will be pulled out from Unity store and there will be no updates to the 3.x series. So more announcements about Linux support should be made in coming few weeks.Lets look at new games that announced Linux support on Kickstarter: Super Retro Squad [youtube] Rival Threads : Last Class HeroesTiny & Big in: Grandpa’s Leftovers [youtube] Cult: Awakening of the Old OnesPuzzle Moppet [youtube] Epilogue [youtube]Try a Linux demo of Epilogue from here. The Full Version of game is available for $7.

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