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Mosaic atmospheric adventure releases

mosaic atmospheric adventure releases on linux mac windows pc

Mosaic the atmospheric adventure releases on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Krillbite Studio. Now available on both Humble Store, GOG, and Steam.

Mosaic is a dark surrealistic and atmospheric adventure game. Thanks to indie developer Krillbite Studio. Best known for their hit Among the Sleep.

While the story takes place in urban isolation. There is also the dread of becoming a piece in a giant machinery. One that you can’t really understand.
Mosaic is a surreal experience. So expect a strong focus on corporate culture. Along with urban isolation and our relationship with modern tech.

Since you are a cog in the machine with a repetitive existence. The adventure takes place in a cold, overcrowded city. While you live out the tedium of everyday life. Then something strange and unexplainable starts to occur.

Mosaic Release Trailer

The story seems to have a surreal Matrix kind of vibe. The trailer alone has a unique but inspiring dystopian setting. Since often, in real life, you can get distracted by the monotony. So Mosaic focuses on our daily distractions and routines.

When the phone is distracting you with senseless notifications. While you move through anonymous crowds on your way to work. The ominous megacorporation. Yet another long day with overtime awaits.
Since your life has no real sense of meaning. Until one crucial day, when strange things start to happen. Which all takes place on your commute to work, the everything changes.

Here is where Mosaic weaves a mysterious narrative journey. While you explore the moments of hope. Those who discover and resist the drudgery of the system. Seeking out something far more meaningful. An inspiring tale and how life also has a lot more meaning.

Mosaic is releaes the atmospheric adventure priced at $19.99 USD. Available on Humble Store, GOG, and Steam. With support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Also, be sure to join the games Discord.

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