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Mothership Update releases for Nimbatus

mothership update releases for nimbatus on linux mac windows pc

Mothership Update releases for Nimbatus on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the continue work of developer Stray Fawn Studio. Available now on with a discount on Humble Store and Steam.

Mothership Update resets the save files. But your drones should also be safe. They are extracted from your old save files and place them into the global drone list. So you can find your drones inside a new Sandbox save. Or available in competitive modes.

Consequently, the Brawl drone pool has been reset. Due to changes in how this mode works. As a result, you will have to play the brawl mode again. Then upload your drones so there are enough opponents available.

Nimbatus Mothership Update Video

New Features

  • Nimbatus mother ship upgrades
  • Added first Steam Achievements and unlockable drone skins. We will add more achievements in the next update. Please note that the corp skin is not yet unlockable
  • New captain: Programmer in the Mothership Update
  • New save file management (freely create / name / delete save files instead of having fixed slots)
  • Added difficulty settings to the survival mode
  • New Jungle Ruin location
  • New Garage and Weapon-casino locations
  • Added new rewards with the Mothership Update. Available when advancing to the next galaxy.

New Drone Parts

  • Temperature probe
  • Audio part
  • Small Hollow Block
  • Programmable LED

Nimbatus – The Space Drone Constructor Mothership Update has a whole heap of Balance changes. So you will have a bigger inventory now. Including better usefulness of heat seeking and laser guided rockets. The price of shop items are also reduced. And finally, a rebalance for weapon upgrade prices and tech tree. Be sure to check out the full change list.

Mothership Update also comes with a 20% discount for a limited time. Available now on both Humble Store and Steam. The games still in Early Access with support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.