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Motorsport Manager the Endurance Series DLC

motorsport manager the endurance series dlc for linux mac windows games 2017

Have you mastered Motorsport Manager? Well think again. Playsport Games introduce the Endurance Series DLC for Motorsport Manager. Which is also available now on Linux, Mac and Windows. Which gives you more drivers, longer races and new rules. So the Endurance Series is available already. Along with a free ‘Anniversary Update’ for all players. All while celebrating a one year release of Motorsport Manager.

Endurance Series and 2017 Anniversary Update details:

Embark on a fresh challenge with the Endurance Series DLC. Compete in the games brand new championships in beautiful endurance cars. Manage a new layer of race strategy with six drivers per team. All in twenty-four car races. So you will have to strive to find the best combination of drivers for the best times. Yet keep a careful eye on their alertness with the new stamina bar. So be prepared to make tough calls during the longest races yet. Since these last up to 90 minutes, 3 hours or even 6 hours. With an entirely new stamina system. And some of the most beautiful cars in racing.

The Anniversary Update includes an optimised pit system. So you can manage your pit crew. From hiring and firing to optimising your pit team. Working to get the faster pit stops possible. But beware, as there are also new pit mistakes. If that wasn’t bad enough, you could even be hit by catastrophic mistakes. Such as fires which drastically alter the outcome of the race.

Motorsport Manager Endurance Series DLC is $7.99 USD. Available now on Steam and Humble Store for Linux, Mac and Windows. While celebrating the 2017 Anniversary with a free pitcrew update. Offering up further challenges to players on all platforms.

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