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Mountain game is now available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

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These #simulatorgames, man, are getting out of hand. Welcome to the latest in the bunch, Mountain.

For 99 cents, you can experience virtual life as a mountain. You’ll float in an empty space, play host to an ecosystem, experience storms and enjoy slow rotation.

Okay, I’m being infinitely too hard on this thing. It’s a 99 cent experiment, and it’s meant to serve as a peaceful and serene distraction. Here’s how the devs describe the game in a Steam update.

Leave it open – it’s designed to run in the periphery of your life. Only interact with it when you feel like it. You can play Mountain while playing other games. If you are not playing it, it will play itself.

Anyone down for a little mountain-based relaxation now? I started writing this story as a joke, and now I’m ready to pick this thing up. Oh, how the mountain turns.


  • no controls
  • automatic save
  • audio on/off switch
  • time moves forward
  • things grow and things die
  • nature expresses itself
  • ~ 50 hours of gameplay
  • once generated, you cannot be regenerated

Mountain is out now on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.


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