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Move or Die discounted with a mini update

move or die is on sale with a mini update for the game on linux mac windows pc

Move or Die is on sale with a mini update for the game on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of developers Those Awesome Guys. Which also has a huge discount on Steam and Humble Store.

The crazy creators at Those Awesome Guys have released a mini update. While adding more to the ultimate friendship ruining party game, Move or Die. ‘The Grand Russian Heist’ mini update adds new and improved Russian language localization. There is also three original heist themed characters that can’t wait to crack some in-game skulls. Trusty security dog Barry, priceless Faberge knockoff Egg-Eggovich, and the deceptively sweet Ma’Trioshka. All now part of the immense 100+ playable character roster.

Move or Die Trailer | The Friendship Ruining Game

Move or Die is not just the title of the game. But does have a vital gameplay rule: gamers who fail to move will see their health bar diminish rapidly. Players will battle each other in an ever growing list of mini-game modes. Which also change every 20-30 seconds. Each challenge has its own outrageous level design and rule set. All due to promote hours of laughter and good old friendship destroying fun. Win Move or Die battles and unlock insane new character skins. Mutator game modifiers that greatly change how mini-games are played, and even crazier game modes. When gamers are finished beating friends on the couch, jump online and challenge other players. Then see who will rage-quit first.

And to kickoff this crazy caper, Move or Die is available for the price of $3.74 USD (75% off S.R.P.). Doing so as part of the Steam Autumn Sale until December 1 as well as and Humble Store. So get ready to jump into one of the most wickedly fun multiplayer games ever. Just be ready to say dasvidaniya to your friendships! Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

To learn more about Move or Die, please visit Follow its development on Twitter @moveordiegame for all the latest developer updates and news.

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