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Move or Die releases new One Million Update

move or die releases new one million update for linux mac and windows pc

Move or Die releases new One Million Update for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the continuing efforts of developer of Those Awesome Guys. Which is regular price on Humble Store, but there is a massive discount on Steam.

While now four years into the friendship ruining party game adventure. Develop Those Awesome Guys reach one of Move or Die’s most important milestones to date. Since they are now over one million Steam copies sold. Therefore to mark the historic occasion. The developers have prepared a series of surprises. Which also includes a brand new character and two days of free access to their game.

Move or Die, free to play Get into the fast, 4 player local and online party game. Where the mechanics change every 20 seconds.

Move or Die Trailer | The Friendship Ruining Game

Here are the main attractions of Move or Die’s latest One Million Update:

The Update is launching alongside a Steam Midweek Sale. Since this give players the opportunity to play the game for free. Doing so between 22-24 September. Above all everybody with a Steam account can experience the frantic pace of Move or Die absolutely free of charge.

Mint conditioned new character!
To honor their achievement, the Move or Die team are also introducing a strapping new character, Millie. As a walking wad of cash, he feels like a million bucks. In order to unlock him, players will have to join at least one online session. Doing so during the Move or Die free to play period. (Sept 22-24).

Last but not least, the developers would like to extend their gratitude towards. Thanking the community for helping them achieve this seemingly impossible goal.

Move or Die releases new One Million Update is avaialble now. The game is also discounted 75% on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. So you can pick up the game almost free.

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