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Move or Die – Summer fun update sizzles

move or die - summer fun update arrives for the game on linux mac and windows pc

Move or Die – Everyone Loves Summer update arrives for the game on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the tireless work of the team at Those Awesome Guys. Available on both Steam as well as Humble Store.

The crazy party game Move or Die is the result of Those Awesome Guys, who are great at making an interactive experience. Now, they just put out the Everyone Loves Summer update, adding even more fun and chaos for Linux players.

The update also brings in two new characters to the party: ChillBill, who’s always icy cool, and Flo, who’s just learning how to swim. On top of that, when you play online matches from June 29th to July 13th, you’ll be able to unlock some new summer outfits. Since this is going to redefine what summer fun means in Move or Die.

The fundamental rule of Move or Die is simple: if you stop moving, your health starts to go down fast. So everyone at the party will face off in rapid-fire test that switch up every 20 to 30 seconds. Each one has its own crazy setup and rules to keep you laughing and messing with your friends for hours. As you win, you can unlock wild new character looks, Mutator modifiers that change up how the challenges work. And even wilder modes.

Move or Die – Trailer

And when you finish competing with your friends, you can hop online and see who gets too upset and quits first!

Move or Die is a wild, 4-player experience where everything changes every 20 seconds. The only thing that stays the same is the rule: If you don’t move, you lose. You can have a blast with friends next to you or join others from all over the world online.

There are also summer style cosmetics to be had, like the new scorching Sun splatter and the refreshing Cocktail trail. They will be unlockable between June 29th, 10 AM PDT – July 13th, 10 AM PDT after playing online matches.

Move or Die Everyone Loves Summer is out now on Steam, and they’ve got more planned for 2023. Dive in and add a little BOOM to your everyday life.
To celebrate the hot new changes, the game is on sale on Steam for $3.74 USD / £2.74 / 3,74€, with a whopping 75% off on Steam. Regular price on Humble Store. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Plus it’s Steam Deck Verified.

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