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Multiplayer launches now in Turmoil

multiplayer launches now in turmoil simulation game for linux and windows pc

Multiplayer launches now in Turmoil simulation game for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. This is of course due to the ongoing work of developer Gamious. The game is available on Steam, itch, and Humble Store. Along with 96% Overwhelmingly Positive reviews.

Gamious launches a free online multiplayer update to their popular oil drilling game Turmoil. Millions of Turmoil fans will now be able to challenge each other. Doing so in the quest to become the ultimate oil entrepreneur.

Multiplayer mode features a completely new and more compact map. So instead of just playing NPCs, players will now be pitted against each other. Players will be able to join a random game against three other players. They can also start a custom game with friends. The same areas and tech progression as in the main game will be used. It’s also possible to start a game against just one other player. Where the remaining open slots will be filled with NPCs.

Turmoil trailer

In Turmoil Multiplayer, so here’s a short roundup of what’s what:

  • Turmoil Multiplayer is like playing a campaign with human opponents instead of NPC’s, on a new and smaller map. But with the same area and tech progression as in the main game.
  • Join a random campaign and stack up your skills against players across the globe. You can also create a custom campaign with up to 3 of your friends. Due to battle out who will become the next oil baron(ess)!
  • Adjust the conditions of any custom campaign with your friend(s) via custom game options. Add AI players and tweak their difficulty level. Adjust the turn time for each round and specify your starting funds. The world is your oil-ster!
  • Move to the Multiplayer town close to the sea and bid on the plots you’d like to own. Take turns drilling for oil, join in the blind stock auction and cleverly outbid your opponents. Win the Mayor’s best-looking locomotive!
  • Watch a recap after every round of digging and bidding to keep track of who is winning. What strategy everyone used in the previous round, so you can outsmart them next time.
  • Choose your own username and take your pick from multiple different characters and portrait frames!

Multiplayer is release in Turmoil simulation game on Steam, itch, and Humble Store. Priced at $9.99 USD / £7.99 / 9,99€. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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