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Multiverse Cosmic Conquest now on Kickstarter

multiverse cosmic conquest now on kickstarter linux mac windows games 2017

Multiverse Cosmic Conquest is a strategy card game coming to Linux Mac and Windows. Also including the Android and iOS platforms. The game is now crowdfunding via Kickstarter with hopes of a December 2018 launch.

Multiverse Cosmic Conquest gameplay takes place on a galaxy. While the game board design will have you explore and try to conquer. So the games design is for 2 to 6 players in a variety of different formats. Unlike other TCGs, where the game board is divided in just your side and your opponent’s side. Multiverse Cosmic Conquest allows you to move around anywhere in the galaxy. So the position and movement speed of your cards matters greatly.

Multiverse Cosmic Conquest Trailer:

Unlike other TCGs, in Multiverse Cosmic Conquest, there are two main ways of winning the game.

So players can either:

  • Conquer your opponent’s home planet
  • Dominate more than half of the galaxy

Both strategies are equally viable. Almost any deck can switch gears mid-game. So you can try and win the other way. This creates vibrant gameplay full of twists, turns, and on-the-spot decisions.

Also this is possible thanks to the way the galaxy is setup. So each player alongside their draw deck has a special 10-card deck. This is made up of galaxy cards. These cards are distributed face down one onto each hexagon. Setup at the beginning of the game to create a brand-new galaxy before each game.

Thanks to Multiverse Cosmic Conquest‘s unique design. Players can also interact with the galaxy. Putting more planets into your 10-card galaxy deck. Putting Asteroid Fields and Nebulas lets you set traps for your opponent. While using more Wormholes lets you traverse the game board much faster, and so on.
This also applies to how you play Ships. Including the use of Turrets, Cargo and Boarding. These and many more abilities. Such as Quick Shot, Pierce, Shields, also greatly apply. Each allowing players to interact with your opponent in different ways. And this post really does not do the games design it’s proper justice.

TokArts began the design and development for Multiverse Cosmic Conquest 3 years ago. The release of episode 1 of the now 25-episode. This is available in a video series Let’s make a TCG into 2017. A small following of fans provided support. This helped with the play-testing. Bringing the game online to a virtual tabletop.

There is a great deal of potential to the 2017 Kickstarter crowfunding campaign . The games also coming to Linux, Mac and Windows in December 2018 if successfully funded.

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  • ImpressionableKomi
    Dec 11, 2017 8:18 am

    looks interesting! Finally some fresh TCG with unique approach!

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