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Murderous Muses FMV whodunit to hit Deck

murderous muses fmv whodunit puzzle game coming to linux via steam deck with mac and windows pc

Murderous Muses FMV whodunit puzzle game coming to Linux via Steam Deck with Mac and Windows PC. Which is the result of the efforts of developer D’Avekki Studios Ltd. Due to release on Steam soon.

A new trailer releases from D’Avekki Studios to announce the official launch date for Murderous Muses. The infinitely replayable whodunit coming on April 12th. Due to test players to outsmart a haunted art gallery and solve a sinister murder. Unlike most story games, the Muses design lets you play again and again. While featuring procedurally generated galleries, puzzles, and murders. These can only be solved by deduction. So Murderous Muses is a thinking game.

On top of that, some sort of Linux support is also in order:

Murderous Muses releases on the 12th April! We’re still trying to finish the Switch console port though, which has unfortunately delayed any official support and release date for Linux 🙁

However, we do have a Linux build that is available for install. That has been created specifically for the Steam Deck that may work for you. But official support will be coming later on so we can concentrate resources on any console port patches and PC / Mac / Steam Deck issues first.

Fortunately the Linux depots are already available on the beta and live branches and
should be installable. We just have to set the store page to show it’s supported (and install and test it loads on Linux ourselves!)

You can see the statement for your self in the Steam comments. While the email reply from D’Avekki Studios explains further. Stating, “I’ve also personally ported to Steam deck creating a Linux build in the process. And whilst it doesn’t currently look like we’ll be officially supporting Linux at launch, it should be installable on those platforms.”
In case you’re curious, Murderous Muses development is using Unity 3D. So the April 12th launch will include Steam Deck support. While a Linux build is aiming to be available, post-launch. But for now, check out the trailer.

Murderous Muses Official Launch Trailer

As well as peeling back the multi-layered story, gamers can keep playing to improve their run times and scores. The seed-based generation system in Murderous Muses also allows sleuths to share and compare. So you can show off stats with friends across all platforms.

Murderous Muses FMV whodunit puzzle game launches simultaneously. This includes Linux via Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC. Due to be priced at $13.99 USD / 11.99 / €13.99. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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