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Murderous Pursuits lacks native support

murderous pursuits lacks linux support beside windows in steam games

Murderous Pursuits [official website] mystery action simulation game for Windows, but does not support Linux. Since this is a Unity 3D game, it seems only fitting to have a Linux release. Since we reached to developer Blazing Griffin previously. There seems to be an issue about community demand.

Linux Support:

“The game is made in Unity. As for the Linux question, it’s a maybe. We have done it with our other games so it can be done. If there is demand for it, it will be more likely but we can’t really say for now.”

This was the previous reply. Since this point there have been some developer reactions via the Steam Discussion. Stating that, “I have heard your cries and added it into our suggestions list!” Which is great but this is not a suggestion, but a Unity 3D that seems to be missing out on Linux support.

So it’s times yet again to show that Tux Love with the link above. Seeing Murderous Pursuits is holding a solid 78% Positive rating via Steam Reviews. And to be honest, gameplay is actually quite good.

The whole concept is to put on your finest murdering attire. Getting ready for a deadly game of hide and seek aboard a time-travelling, Victorian vessel. All set in motion by the mysterious Mr. X. Since you accompanies by a diverse group of villainous travellers from around the world on board. It only makes sense that new Murderous Pursuits will feature 7 different languages as well.

Murderous Pursuits Launch Trailer (Windows, no Linux yet)

Murderous Pursuits Features

  • Thrill of the Hunt: Identify your quarry, plan their extravagant murder and set it into motion, all before another player wises up and does the same to you!
  • Think like an AI: Use busy, reactive environments to your advantage, as you hide in plain sight and mimic the actions of surrounding AI party-goers to get the jump on your quarry
  • The best laid plans: Outmaneuver your adversaries and react to changing plans on the fly with a variety of abilities including disguises, flash bombs, and counters
  • Murder with excellence: Be discrete, commandeer a high-value weapon, and dance over your quarry’s lifeless body to earn Mr. X’s favour
  • Human after all: Play solo or online multiplayer with other players, featuring support for custom game options and wickedly intelligent bots
  • An alternate reality: Step aboard the HMCS Britannic, a state-of-the-art, colonial time ship built at the height of the British Empire’s lavish Victorian era. It also just so happens to fly

Steam and Humble release:

Murderous Pursuits is out now on Steam and Humble Store for Windows. Also, retailing for $19.99 USD for the Standard Edition, and $29.99 USD for the Deluxe Edition.

For the latest updates, visit Blazing Griffin’s official website and follow the game on Discord and Twitter.

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