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Murderous Pursuits mystery action big release

murderous pursuits mystery action big release for windows and linux via steam

Murderous Pursuits is an mystery action game for Windows, and hopefully Linux as well. Since gameplay is a kill-or-be-killed Victorian stealth-em-up. Which also happens to feature 1-8 players. So needless to say, we are interested in knowing more.
Here’s what developer Blazing Griffin have to say:

Mystery action games Linux release:

“To answer your questions…the game is made in Unity. As for the Linux question, it’s a maybe. We have done it with our other games so it can be done. If there is demand for it, it will be more likely but we can’t really say for now.”

Since this is a fair reply, there is a Discussion post to share that Tux Love. Where the Linux demand is already under way. Which is also a great opportunity to throw your “+1” or upvote comment.

So about Murderous Pursuits, this is a PC exclusive multiplayer stealth-em-up. Also development employs an aristocratic proportion. And the games coming to Steam this March. Which also presents a unique style of gameplay, with the significant potential for Linux support.
Set in an alternate reality Victorian era. Where time travel is a way of life and the upper crust gallivant across the skies. All set aboard elaborate ships. While a mysterious benefactor known only as Mr. X. Has also prepared a Machiavellian new cat-and-mouse game for the ages.

Murderous Pursuits Announcement Trailer (Windows and hopefully Linux)

As the name so deftly implies, murder is the name of the game here, but it’s just as much about the tense moments of planning, strategy and panic-ridden, on-the-fly adjustments, as it is the execution itself. Developed by the team behind The Ship: Remasted, experience the giddy joy of subterfuge like never before. Surrounded by scores of innocent AI party-goers and patrolling guards, up to 8 passengers (humans or bots) must compete for the favour of Mr. X as they plot their gloriously violent acts, all while hiding in plain sight. That means identifying their assigned quarry in a crowd and plotting their demise, all while keeping a low profile and an eye out for suspicious individuals who could be their very own hunter.

Luckily, players have a wide range of tools at their disposal for such occasions. Chief among them are vignettes – special locations that allow nearby characters to participate in a variety of highbrow activities, like appreciating art and discussing foreign economics, which will surely dissolve suspicion. Since no two murders are the same, players can also bring a range of equippable boons to the table, ranging from temporary disguises and flash grenades, to the ability to counter another player’s dastardly deed.

All this to say, players would do well to make sure their assassinations are discreet and anything but run-of-the-mill. Mr. X expects only the most exquisite of murderous acts. Whether it’s by seeking out high value death-dealing implements across the game’s lavish maps, or dancing over your quarry’s lifeless body, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of a well-executed execution.

Steam games release:

Murderous Pursuits sets its cunning plans into motion on Windows in March 2018 to Steam. The mystery action action release is almost ready to bring this third-person, PvP murder mystery to life. And since Linux could very well be in the mix. It’s time to get ready to fall into this atmospheric, steampunk. take on the Victorian era, as you experience the darker side of high society.

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