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Murtop launches into 80’s arcade gaming

murtop fast-paced arcade game launches onto linux mac and windows pc

Murtop fast-paced arcade game launches onto Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of developer hiulit, this game has become a sensational hit. Available on both Steam and itch with 100% Positive reviews.

Imagine stepping back in time to the 1980s, where arcade games ruled the gaming world. Murtop is an exciting and action-packed arcade game that launches you straight into that era. It combines the best elements of classic games like Dig Dug and Bomberman. In Murtop, you play as a character named Murti, and your mission is to save the world from an invasion of moles that are obsessed with eating carrots. How do you save the world? Well, with your unique ability to drop bombs!

The game launches you into 256 different stages, and each stage in Murtop has its own challenges. But here’s the catch: you have a limited amount of time to complete each stage. It’s a race against the clock! And if you’re skilled enough to make it through all the stages, there’s a special “kill screen” waiting for you at the end. Can you reach it?

But wait, there’s even more! Every 5 stages, you’ll encounter a bonus stage that gives you a chance to earn extra points. And if you’re really good, there’s a secret bonus stage hidden somewhere in the game. Keep your eyes peeled for it!

Murtop – Trailer

To make your gaming experience even more thrilling, Murtop features five fast-paced chiptune tracks that provide the background music while you play. These tracks add to the retro atmosphere and get your adrenaline pumping.

If you’re the competitive type, you’ll dig the local high scores leaderboard. You can see how your scores stack up against other players in your area. Can you reach the top spot and become the ultimate Murtop champion on Linux?

The Murtop fast-paced arcade design is all about playing on arcade cabinet machines, just like the classic games of the past. It also has a vertical screen with beautiful bezels that fill the empty space around the game. The graphics use a 16-color palette, giving them a nostalgic look. And if you want to enhance that old-school feel, you can enable the CRT filter, due to simulates the appearance of a cathode ray tube monitor.

Just like the old arcade machines, Murtop also has an attract mode. When you are not playing the game on Linux, it will showcase gameplay footage and attract potential players with its exciting action and explosions. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can even rotate the screen to play in TATE mode, just as the game was originally meant to be played.

But what is it like to play?

Murtop really is an old-school fast-paced arcade game for Linux. Its all about getting the highest score and becoming the ultimate champion. You start with nine credits, which each give you three lives. You can earn credits by inserting coins. In the game, you control a cute rabbit character named Murti. Linux players will move around on a grid and dig up the ground as they go. You also have to be smart and use bombs and rocks strategically to defeat the different types of enemies: the Chaser, the Thrower, and the Pesky.

You also have to be quick because each stage only lasts for one minute. Every five stages, you get a bonus stage where you can collect carrots and avoid falling rocks. The game can be really frustrating at times, but it’s also a lot of fun and a good challenge. The graphics, sound effects, and music is really good, which makes it worth playing in short bursts of gameplay.

In Murtop fast-paced arcade, you’ll experience lots and lots of explosions as you strategically drop bombs to defeat the carrot-hungry moles and save the world. Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled arcade adventure that will transport you back to the golden age of gaming! Available on both Steam and itch. Priced at $3.99 USD / £3.43 / 3,99€, including the 25% launch discount. Feel free to try the Demo first.

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