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Mushroom 11 puzzle platformer coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC next month


Humanity is gone, new life will emerge — but in this strange new world, #destruction is the only way to grow. This is the concept behind Mushroom 11, a mold-breaking #game from indie developer #Untame.

Mushroom 11 will release for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC on October 15 — perfect timing, since October 15 is National Mushroom Day.

In Mushroom 11 — a genre-defying game of destruction and growth — you are an amorphous fungal organism spared by the catastrophe that wiped out the human race. Shape your mushroom by pruning its cells. New cells immediately grow to replace the ones destroyed, allowing you to move through and explore a mysterious world where the total annihilation of humanity has cleared the way for unexpected new life.


  • Unique Puzzle-Platformer where players remove cells to allow growth, and prune themselves to traverse the landscape and solve its challenges.
  • A wide variety of novel puzzle techniques, based on the mushroom’s motion.
  • 7 vast worlds to explore, each comes with a unique boss to defeat.
  • Mushroom 11 has teamed up with Electronica supergroup the Future Sound of London for the game’s background music.

Intriguing post-apocalyptic environments and a haunting original soundtrack by electronica supergroup The Future Sound of London set the scene for you to outsmart tricky obstacles, overpower bizarre creatures, and ultimately understand the true nature of the devastation from which you emerged. In genre terms, Mushroom 11 comes closest to a platformer, but this isn’t like any platformer you’ve played before.

The work of indie studio Untame — two husband-and-wife teams based in New York City — Mushroom 11 was first conceived during a weekend-long Global Game Jam themed around Ouroboros (the mythical snake that eats its own tail). An early prototype attracted backing by Indie Fund and the game has received numerous honors during its development, including IGF Excellence in Design and SXSW Gamers Voice nominations; recognition by IndieCade, the EGX Leftfield Collection, and the PAX 10; and the Best Game Design award from Sense of Wonder Night at the recent Tokyo Game Show.

Mushroom 11 for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC will sell for $14.99 from Steam and GOG. A mobile version will follow in 2016. More game details, check out, follow on Twitter and Facebook.