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Mushroom Wars 2 holiday Hero – Sato’Shii

Mushroom Wars 2 holiday Hero Sato'Shii for Linux Mac Windows games on steam

Mushroom Wars 2 gets a new holiday Hero – Sato’Shii for Linux, Mac and Windows available now via Steam and Humble Store. The games developer Zillion Whales just announced the news. So all players can get Sato’Shii for a limited time.

Sato’Shii is a mighty magician in exile from the Shii’Mori mushroom tribe. While in battle, Sato’Shii can summon fierce blizzards. Also channelling other mysterious powers from ancient artifacts. Mushroom Wars 2 players can unlock Sato’Shii for use in multiplayer starting today. Simpley by collecting wins in the online matches. Players have until January 15 to reach the goal. So once obtained, Sato’Shii will be permanently added to players’ hero rosters.

Mushroom Wars 2 Official Steam Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Zillion Whales introduced Hero characters to the Mushroom Wars universe. Since this is new for the release of Mushroom Wars 2. By choosing the Hero that best fits their playstyle. Players can make strategic use of unique skills to give their troops the upper hand in battle. Also, Sato’Shii is Mushroom Wars 2’s 13th Hero.

For the holiday season, Mushroom Wars 2’s snowy battlefields also see an update. Now with festive visual and musical themes.

Sequel to one of the hit RTS games of the last generation, Mushroom Wars 2 builds upon its predecessor by introducing hero characters, reimagined single-player campaigns, even wilder co-op and competitive multiplayer, as well as a visual overhaul―all while preserving the core gameplay mechanics that made the original Mushroom Wars so enjoyable.

Steam and Humble games:

Mushroom Wars 2 is available now on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. Also priced at $14.99 with a 10% discount. Since the Humble Store support the games release via Steam. Due note, the games not on sale, but the update still applies to the holiday hero.

For more information on Mushroom Wars 2, follow the game on Facebook or on Twitter @Mushroom Wars.

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