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Music-based puzzler Chime 2 announced for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Chilled Mouse recently #announced it will be publishing Chime 2, the sequel to #music-based puzzler #Chime (pictured above).

The original Chime released just over five years ago in February of 2010. A surprising title that hit Xbox Live (and later Windows and PlayStation 3) at a pretty low price while offering a new perspective on games like Tetris but also an interesting integration of some genuinely good music.

Ian Baverstock, Director of Chilled Mouse, said “The creation of a sequel to Chime has been something I have wanted to do for a long time. The first game was fantastic but we always felt that there was more that could be done with the idea and now we can make that happen.”

The design for Chime 2 is being led by Ste Curran and the development work is being undertaken by Twistplay. Jonathan Newth of Chilled Mouse said “Chime came out of the Lab Ste led at Zoe Mode and he’s both a fantastic designer and a strong advocate of games in this genre. We are very pleased that Ste will be directing the design of Chime 2”.

“Chime remains one of my favourite projects, but it always felt like unfinished business to me and I’m so pleased to be returning to it,” commented Ste Curran. “We’re halfway through rebuilding the game from scratch and I’m looking forward to working with new artists in a new aesthetic and, hopefully, finding new ways to play too.”

The team plans to show the game off next week at EGX Rezzed in London, and the game is set to release sometime in 2015 for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.


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