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My Brother Rabbit deep adventure coming this Fall

my brother rabbit heartwarming adventure coming this fall for linux mac windows

My Brother Rabbit, the heartwarming adventure game coming for Linux, Mac and Windows. All thanks to Artifex Mundi, inviting players on an emotional trip into the dreamlands of imagination in Fall 2018.

My Brother Rabbit is a beautifully drawn point-and-click adventure. All set in a surreal world that mixes reality with a child’s imagination.

So here’s the story. A picture-perfect, loving family discovers that their daughter has fallen ill. While her parents set out to get her the treatment she needs. Her determined older brother turns to the power of imagination to help both of them cope. While the outside world offers tragedy, these pure children envision a fantastic, surreal world. Which also provides the innocent fun they deserve.

My Brother Rabbit heartwarming adventure Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

In this magnificent land of make-believe. A cute little rabbit living underground wants to nurse his ill friend, a flower. To bring back to health however he can. To do so, he must use his wits to decipher puzzles inspired by classic point and clicks. Letting the player uncover hidden objects, and play minigames to continue his adventure.

While calmly and casually collect hidden butterflies, balloons, and other items. Before solving intriguing enigmas.

Devoted to this unusual journey, the innocent children continue to conjure up this increasingly curious land. Incorporating components of the bleak real realm. The gorgeously odd painted vistas introduce off-putting tones the closer Toy Rabbit gets to helping the Flower.

Visions of reality in the hospital creep through. But the children’s realm of escapism is always inviting. As children are wont to do, their creative minds find more and more reasons to be hopeful despite the adversity they face.

Well known indie composer Arkadiusz Reikowski of Layers of Fear and Seven: The Days Long Gone. Has also penned a score that soars around this strange scene. The wondrous sights and sounds make gorgeous, hand-painted My Brother Rabbit’s dream logic come together. Invites players to rekindle the flames of their imagination.

My Brother Rabbit’s spiritual journey recalls the power and depth of the mind’s eye,” said Maciej Binkowski, publishing director at Artifex Mundi. “The universes humans can develop can be beautifully surreal, and we want to invite players into the strange machinations in our heads.”

Steam release this Fall:

My Brother Rabbit will be available in Q3 2018 on Linux, Mac and Windows. There is no release date or price set yet.

To learn more, please visit My Brother Rabbit’s official website.

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