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My Friendly Neighborhood port on the radar

my friendly neighborhood puppet puzzle survival game has a linux port on the radar with windows pc

My Friendly Neighborhood puppet puzzle survival game has a Linux port on the radar with Windows PC. The brilliant craftsmanship of developers John and Evan Szymanski truly shines in this work. Available on Steam with 96% Very Positive reviews.

A unique new puppet puzzle survival thriller, just released, a fresh out of the oven titled, My Friendly Neighborhood. Your good ol’ innocent puppet buddies from childhood TV, have all gone berserk. Which is all due to evolve onto Linux.

I am happy to report that Linux support is on my radar.

The My Friendly Neighborhood developers have responded via email, revealing that they’re using Unity 3D 2020.1.17f1, an innovative input system, and a post-processing stack for the game. They’re eager to provide a native build once the release storm settles. And while we can confirm robust Proton support, they definitely see the value in a native port.

Now then, our main hero in My Friendly Neighborhood is Gordon, your regular repair guy. He laces up his boots, not knowing he’s about to dive into a pool of complete puppet madness. Gordon’s task is seemingly simple at first – switch off the unexpected broadcast of an old kids’ show, ‘The Friendly Neighborhood’. As a result, he’s about to be in the center of a puppet revolt.

My Friendly Neighborhood once filled up living rooms with laughter, lighting up little faces with its goofy puppet crew. The world loved the edu-tainment it offered, the fun-filled journey it took them on. But alas, with time, the love faded, and a result, the studio had to close shop. The puppet gang has returned for an unscripted encore. This time, they’re far from friendly.

My Friendly Neighborhood Trailer

In the spirit of beloved mascot horror sagas, My Friendly Neighborhood offers a wild ride that’s anything but typical. There’s no splash of gore, no typical fright fest. Instead, it welcomes you to a realm of horror where scares come with sprinkles of fluff and felt. Which is also very well done.

As you explore the desolate My Friendly Neighborhood studio, survival is the key. You have to keep those rabid puppets at bay, tie them down with your trusty toolkit filled with quirky, harmless weapons, and good ol’ duct tape. You’re in for a host of unique puzzles that are equal parts fun and fear. Oh, and remember, you’re also digging for a dark secret buried in this whole puppet chaos.

Here’s what you’re signing up for:

  • Puppets: Are they buddies or bullies? It’s a madhouse of crazy, colorful characters that were once friends but have now turned foes.
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: You’re not stuck following a linear path in My Friendly Neighborhood. Your map is your guide, and you have the freedom to explore.
  • Wacky Weapons: Unique tools, like the Rolodexer, are your saviors. Can you recall your ABCs? That’s your ammo, and careful management is key!
  • Puzzling Scenarios: Put on your thinking cap to solve a variety of challenging enigmas, a tribute to the classics of survival horror.
  • Varying Scenes: From Ray’s Workshop to the Cardboard Crayon Halls, there are tons of diverse places for you to explore.
  • Stay Organized: Keep track of your belongings in a grid-based real-time inventory. Trust me, it’s so much more efficient!

My Friendly Neighborhood puppet puzzle survival game can be yours right now. You can grab it on Windows PC via Steam and play with Proton at a Platinum level. Or you can wait for the native Linux build of the game, no ETA yet. Priced at $26.99 USD / £22.49 / 26,09€ with the 10% discount.

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