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Mystic dark fantasy port relies on demand

mystic the new dark fantasy port relies on demand in linux gaming with windows pc

Mystic the new dark fantasy port relies on demand in Linux gaming with Windows PC. According to developer Pipedream, a small Prague indie studio. Now releasing their game via Steam Early Access.

Pipedream is releasing the unannounced Mystic. Which is a brand new 4x strategy game. Due to complications (loss of investor because of the pandemic). The developers are making their game available. While aiming to find customers for financial support of game’s final debugging.

Mystic Trailer

Pipedream currently consists of 2 people. Mystic is their debut onto the Steam. A game that has also been in development for the past 3 years. So they now enter into Early Access without much marketing. Due to problems with the investor bowing out. Not to mention the covid limits hindering business. Now relying on the community for any exposure.

Furthermore, we reached out to Pipedream regarding support in Linux gaming. There is their reply in summation.

  1. We are using Unity engine
  2. We would like to but due to the current situation, it is not our priority. But if enough demand, it can definitely be done.
  3. Currently there is LAN PvP and hotseat. We are preparing more online features.

Since Unity 3D is used for Mystic development, this should mean good news for Proton. Not that I have had to personally tested the game yet. But even more important, this is not a no for Linux gaming. And the game certainly offers a lot of potential. Let alone further development for online gameplay. Due to remain in Early Access for roughly 4-6 months. Mystic even includes map and story generation tools.

Here is the synposis:

Mystic enables players to become a follower of the first people’s gods. Working to gain their favor, overthrow the High King by the means of creative combat and magic systems. As well as building harmony. The game offers an exciting campaign full of twists, battles and difficult decisions plus multiplayer.

Build an Empire by powerful magic system to terraform map to your liking. Then destroy your enemies by harmful magic spells. Summoning new and powerful demon units to help support your cause. But beware, everything has its cost. By casting spells, you will slowly turn the game world into a barren magic wasteland.

Mystic will also have you build cities and farms to increase your treasury. Make use of newly terraformed valleys to increase your economy. Build up the size of your cities to make more citizens. Then turn them into powerful armies.

Mystic is a dark fantasy 4x strategy game. Available now on Steam Early Access for Windows PC. But a port relies on demand for Linux gaming via Wishlist support on Steam.

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