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Mystic Pillars adventure exploring support

mystic pillars mancala adventure exploring support for linux mac beside windows pc

Mystic Pillars an Mancala adventure puzzle game exploring support for Linux and Mac beside Windows PC. Thanks to developer Holy Cow Productions. Releasing their first game on Steam.

Mystic Pillars re-imagines the traditional Indian board game. Ali Guli Mane or Chenne Mane in Kannada. Which is also similar to the popular board game known as Mancala across the world. Since you have to shift numbers across the pillars. While match in the correct solution. And as a result, puzzles become more complex and challenging. As you work through the story with different configurations. Then continue further into the game. Which all sounds simple enough.
That being said, the games technically a classic style, but only on Windows PC. So naturally, I had to reach out to see about Linux support.

We are currently exploring porting to Linux and Mac. We would love to be on as many platforms as possible.

So the game engine being used for Mystic Pillars is Unity 3D. Which also makes porting the game that much easier. And it’s inspiring to see the studio wanting to port. Hoping to be on as many platforms as possible.

Mystic Pillars Announce Trailer

Mystic Pillars is a creative blend of intriguing puzzles. Along with an immersive story taking place in ancient India. The Kingdom of Zampi has been plagued by a mystical drought for years. Then a mysterious traveler also roams the land. Here you must restore the once prosperous kingdom. Solve puzzles and destroy the magical pillars blocking the water. As you travel across the nation. You will probably meet the people of Zampi. Then slowly uncover what events transpired that led to the downfall of the kingdom.

Mystic Pillars currently supports over 20 different languages. Listening to the game in the original Kannada. Maybe checking out the subtitles of your your language. This another a great way to immerse yourself into the Kingdom of Zampi. Mystic Pillars also supports a fully voice acted English version. Even though it’s a pleasure to have the variation.


  • A game based in the southern part of Ancient India
  • 100 simple and unique logical puzzles in Mystic Pillars
  • Interesting story that reveals itself as you play
  • Hand drawn colorful 2D artwork
  • Animated cutscenes with voice over in English and Kannada (the local language in Bangalore, India)

Mystic Pillars Mancala adventure puzzle is available for Windows PC on Steam. Priced at $6.99 USD. Exploring a Linux and Mac port. So hopefully more good news coming back soon for such an iconic game.

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