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Mythargia journey of dimensions to hit Linux

mythargia is an exploration game through dimensions due to hit linux with windows pc

Mythargia is an exploration game through dimensions due to hit Linux with Windows PC. Which is the result of the creative efforts of developer RunByCoffee. Now available on Steam with a discount and solid reviews.

Mythargia takes players on a journey to a mysterious abandoned island. Here you must uncover its buried history that connects two different dimensions. While you take on the role of a journalist in search of your breakthrough story. So you venture to the eerie island of Mythargia, where celestial beings and dangerous traps await at every turn. There you must explore the island and gather tools and items to help you on your journey further inland. While writing journal entries and take photos of your journey to on the island. Due to compile a story of the century.

On top of the adventure, the Mythargia dev’s are looking to create “a development setting with Linux.” They also want to ensure a solid native port “without fully testing it in native env, so we decided not to launch without Linux for day 1.” As a result, RunByCoffee is working on a native build for the “near future.”
As for Steam Deck support, “we would love to offer Steam Deck support and it’s “kinda working” with Deck. But there is an issue with button remapping.” Hopefully a small fix. But according to the messages on Discord, the Unity 3D exploration game should have its native port soon.

Mythargia Launch Trailer

As you travel deeper into the island, you will enter another dimension. Then assist the islanders to earn their trust in order to learn more about them and their backgrounds. But beware, danger lurks around every corner, so your curiosity may lead to your death.

Mythargia features glorious pixel art and atmospheric music. Along with vintage 2D tricks in the age of modern gaming in new and exciting ways. There is a unique story that reveals itself as you cross the damaged boundary. Which is like the hair-raising descendant of the iconic 1982 Atari game, Pitfall.

Mythargia has already received rave reviews from critics. Hailing the game as “a spine-chilling story that combines vintage 2D tricks with innovation into a unique storytelling experience.”

Features and gameplay:

  • Explore the 2D side-scrolling world of Mythargia with a unique retro style.
  • Mysterious Island: Venture into the lonely island and unravel the dark and creepy history.
  • Unnatural Encounters: Come face to face with mystical beings and creatures. All while you search the island and its surroundings.
  • Solve vexxing puzzles to uncover the secrets of Mythargia.
  • Travel between two dimensions. Due to unlock the full story of the island.
  • Search for clues, read journals, and take photos. Trying to piece together the story of Mythargia.
  • Haunting and spine chilling story to keep your focus from start to finish.
  • Play as a journalist on the trail of a story. Search the the island to find the truth.

Mythargia is an exploration game available on Steam. Currently available on Windows PC, but also coming to Linux soon. Priced at $5.39 USD / £4.49 / 5,39€, including the 10% discount.

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