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Mythic Battles: Pantheon Kickstarter and support

mythic battles pantheon kickstarter and support in linux windows games

Mythic Battles: Pantheon is now on Kickstarter games for Windows PC, but we could see Linux support. We reached out to Sanuk Games. Who are proud to announce the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. With a pledge goal of €100,000. Which is currently 11% funded with 27 days left to go. Which is also selected as a “Project We Love!”.

So what is Mythic Battles: Pantheon? Well the games a tightly crafted turn based strategy title. Since you play as an Olympian God. While leading the greatest heroes and monsters. As well as playing the best warriors to ever live in Ancient Greece.
Which seems to also resemble the look of Titan Quest. But we have hope for native Linux support. Here’s what the studio has to say about Mythic Battles: Pantheon.

Linux Support

“The game is built with Unity. A Linux build is not in our projects right now. Because our experience with game publishing on PC is that Linux barely makes for 1% of the sales. But on the other hand we have received several inquiries about it. So depending on how it goes we may consider it.”

So there you have it. And it seems that recently, there are support debates over that 1%. Even though Unity still makes the majority of Linux games on Steam. The market share is still an influence. Even with Unity 3D being the easier game engine to port games to Linux.
However, it does look like Sanuk Games are taking Linux more seriously. Since there are requests for native platform support.
But sadly there is no Steam page listing yet. So we can’t even Wishlist Mythic Battles: Pantheon. While the gameplay does look hopeful. I wish there was more marketing support for the game itself.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon Kickstarter Trailer (Windows, then Linux)

The game itself is based on a board game published by Monolith Board Games. Which was also a Kickstarter sensation. With more than 13,000 backers in a first campaign. Then more than 10,000 in a second campaign. While taking over $3.7 million in pledges overall.

So Mythic Battles: Pantheon will bring the rich universe of this board game to life. This also includes a state-of-the-art visuals and animations. While relying on its solid, proven gameplay.
So games going to offer solo play against the AI. As well as online multiplayer game sessions.

The mighty Titans awake and unleash a massive attack on Olympus. They are ultimately face their defeat. But the world gets ravaged, and the surviving Olympians become mere mortals.
As the former Gods awake to a broken world. Mythic Battles: Pantheon begins their adventure through Olympus Styx. As well as the Labyrinth of Minos. All while working to regain the glory left by the wrath of the Titans.
So now you can play as Gods such as Zeus and Athena. Alongside an army of heroes. Such as Achilles and Hercules. Facing monsters like the Hydra and Medusa. Players will also fight to regain their lost status. So they can become the king of the Gods.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is 11% funded. While ready to release on Windows PC. As well as Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It will will offer solo play against the AI as well as online multiplayer game sessions. With Linux still a very possible platform to see support.

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