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N++ Ultimate Edition available now

N++ ultimate edition available now and free for all owners in linux gaming news

Back in gaming news, N++ or N Plus Plus. Hence this fast-paced, momentum-based platformer where players take the roll of a parkour-loving ninja. All while narrowly escaping enemies and collecting gold across sci-fi landscapes. Well it seems this amazing games is getting a major upgrade. Metanet Software is proud to announce N++ Ultimate Edition available now on Steam. Since the game is currently only available for Windows and Mac. We do know that N++ works in Wine on Linux.

Watch the Ultimate Edition Trailer:

So what’s new in the Ultimate Edition update? A lot. Hence it’s so big, it’s like am N++ 2. And since N++ Ultimate Edition has taken over a year to create and perfect. The developers at Metanet Software now added 60 dynamic new colour schemes. While also adding new levels, new ninja headbands, new secrets and more.

N++ Ultimate Edition really doubles the size of N++. Bringing in an unprecedented 4340 hand-crafted, finely-tuned levels. So players can take on the lengthy and challenging Solo campaign. Or with friends in Couch Co-op and Race (Competitive). Metanet Software has also added a brand new mode named Hardcore, which changes the rules of the game and lets the player see Solo in a whole new light. Hardcore mode is all about skill, so it’s a true challenge for the Ultimate ninja!
And the Ultimate Edition is completely free – this update means N++ could last a lifetime. This is truly the last platformer you’ll ever need to buy.

N++ Ultimate Edition is available April 21 on Steam for Windows PC and Mac. Currently 50% off for remainder of the 48 hour sale, that is well under way. And worth playing in Wine on Linux.

We should have gaming news regarding a native release soon.

Metanet Software is a boutique game developer based in Toronto, ON. It was founded in 2001 by Mare Sheppard and Raigan Burns, two multidisciplinary developers who met at University of Toronto. They focus on revisiting the great designs of the past and re-evaluating them from a fresh perspective. Making games which are engaging, innovative, intriguing and most importantly: fun.

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