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Nadir roguelike deckbuilding jRPG hits Kickstarter

nadir roguelike deckbuilding jrpg hits kickstarter in linux gaming mac and windows pc

Nadir roguelike deckbuilding jRPG hits Kickstarter in Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Shockwork Games. The crowdfunding campaign is doing well and this is also the first native game from the studio.

Shockwork Games are happy to announce the Kickstarter campaign. Introducing their monochrome jRPG roguelike with deckbuilding elements inspired by The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. Which has just launched The Nadir Kickstarter campaign is currently due to raising €30,000 ($36,059 USD) by May 29th, 2021. With stretch goals already planned should they, by your grace, exceed that amount. Pledge enough and you will be found worthy of their hellishly alluring backer rewards. Also, the first game from the studio to offers support in Linux gaming.

Do you ever dream of power beyond your wildest dreams? Do you yearn for salvation? Are you willing to throw away your life in service of Sin? Then perk up your ears, sinner, for the time has finally cometh. The Nadir Kickstarter campaign is currently live due to raising €30,000 ($36,059 USD) by May 29th, 2021. While letting you control teams of Avatars. Each one belonging to a different Sin, so you can battle hellish beasts to make way to the bottom of the abyss. Venture into the depths of Nadir, the city of the damned, and you just might find what you’re looking for. And if you’re still unsure my wretched soul, watch this demonstration showcasing the gameplay and skill system of Nadir. Then bask in the infernal, blemished glory of hell.

Nadir – Gameplay Showcase

That’s not all though! If you fulfill the social goal, you’ll UNLOCK A DEMO of Nadir that allows you to peek just ever so slightly into the abyss. Do not be surprised when it gazes back though…

Nadir is a dark jRPG roguelike deckbuilder with artwork burning of infernal fire. With many amazing inspirations, the deepest of them coming straight from Dante’s Divine Comedy.

The city of Nadir has multiple levels. Each one full to the brim with filthy, horrific creatures, and they also come with their own Guardian. At the lowest level, in the deepest darkness, the power resides. All waiting to be claimed by those brave or foolish enough to try.

The game heads onto Steam and GOG. While including support in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows Pc. As well as Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. So be sure to Wishlist on Steam now.


  • MODDING SUPPORT on PC and CONSOLES. Devil’s in the detail and that’s why Nadir offers built-in. Extensive modding support for those who want to expand the world of Nadir. Imprint their twisted fantasies onto every inch of the game.
  • Control your Sins. Every Sin has its own group of Avatars, shells that will bring its will to Nadir. As the avatars’ journey progresses, their power will grow. This unlocks new abilities to fight even stronger threats. And if they shall fall, the abyss will produce more fools to try.
  • Twist on a turn system. A Threat Counter shows how much time is left before the enemy turn starts. Each character’s skill subtracts from the Threat Counter. So choose your skills carefully at the right time.
  • Choose your own approach and tactics with different team compositions. There are ways to prolong the player’s turn. Simply by using special skills or performing a skill combo.
  • Challenging bosses. Each level of Nadir has its own Floor Guardian. Since this will have you defeat in order to go deeper into the city.
  • Strong visual art style. Monochrome style full of high contrasts inspired by comic books. Like Frank Miller’s Sin-City, Mike Mignola’s Hellboy, and the works of Sergio Toppi and Tsutomu Nihei.
  • Reach the bottom of Nadir.
    This goal seems simple but considering the character of Sins. They will also be able to divide the power between them?

Nadir is certainly on its way. Having just released the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Due to make its way into Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC

Follow the developer’s Facebook page, or if you prefer, on Twitter for more Nadir news.

Have a question? Join official Discord and hear the answer straight from the Cerber’s mouth.

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