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Nanotale typing adventure native release plan

nanotale typing adventure linux release plan beside windows pc

Nanotale typing adventure Linux release plan which is coming this week to Windows PC. Thanks to indie developer Fishing Cactus. Who is announcing the Steam Early Access release date.

Nanotale typing action adventure is coming to Early Access. Due to release on Steam, October 23rd. Which is also the successor to the award-winning adventure game Epistory. Nanotale pulls players into a magical quest. While you try and save the dying planet using nothing but your typing skills. But first let’s discuss Linux.

Linux release plan:

The Linux version is planned for the final release. We plan to do a closed BETA with Linux users prior to release to make sure that everything is OK.

In the previous post for Nanotale we outlined support. However, now that we have further details. There is a somewhat better idea when we can expect to see the definite Linux release. Which is due between February and May 2020. Obviously this depends on community feedback and Fishing Cactus development.
Therefore the one saving grace we have is Proton support. Since the game is being developed in Unity 3D. Which should allow Linux player to easily launch the game via Steam Play.

Nanotale – Early Access Trailer

“We are so glad to be bringing another addition to the Typing Chronicles franchise,” said Bruno Urbain, CEO of Fishing Cactus. “The typing mechanic gives players a unique way to experience. This adventure action RPG hybrid. Fans of Epistory will appreciate how Nanotale plays on the strength of its predecessor. And new players will soon realize how addictive typing your way through hordes of enemies is.”

Nanotale tells a charming story of a world on the brink of destruction. While the heart of magic pumps its last beats. Players take on the role of novice Archivist, Rosalind. Who starts out on a journey to the magical valley. Collecting plant and rock samples. As well as cataloging mysterious incidents. All in an attempt to unravel the secrets and the looming demise of Earth.

Nanotale delivers a blend of typing adventure and RPG. As a result, players stumble upon and interact with other characters. Solving various puzzles and unleashing magical powers to defeat foes. The game draws players in with its unique game mechanics. Since everything from movement to combat uses a keyboard. Even the menu controls. Challenging players to sharpen their typing skills throughout the game.

The Early Access version of Nanotale has a big list of translations. So expect English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. But also Portuguese, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. With the full release coming between February and May 2020.
Also, we will have more details of the coming Linux beta. Which will be closer to the full release. For now, make sure to Wishlist on Steam.

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