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Nantucket is looking for native testers

nantucket looking for linux testers via steam games

Nantucket the strategy simulation RPG is looking for Linux and Mac testers on Steam. Picaresque Studio has an active Linux Beta. So if you caught our original post, jump into the strategy game. All based on Moby Dick.

With Nantucket finally out of dock, ready to challenge wannabe sea captains. While hunt whales on Linux. Exploring the high seas using their own strategic wit and cunning. So there’s no better time to get your hooks into the game.

Linux and Mac Testers:

Mac and Linux versions of the game are now in beta and we are looking for testers.

In case you are interested, please write us a mail at [email protected] specifying:

  • Hardware specifications
  • Operating System name and version
  • Steam username and account page link

If you already own the game, and you have a machine with Mac/Linux OS, you can try the beta for those versions by clicking with the right mouse button on Nantucket in your library, select “Properties“, pick the “Betas” tab and select “Beta“.

Meanwhile, we are working on additional features. Some of them will be available to you all, while others will be part of a new DLC coming in the next months, adding a new game mode.

So gameplay is set in the golden era of American whaling. Hence the early 19th century. Nantucket also takes place shortly after the events in the Pequod. Where Captain Ahab and his crew lost their lives to Moby Dick. As Ishmael, the sole survivor of the Pequod, you’ll explore the seven seas. While having to captain your ship. Fight pirates and hunt whales. While on the lookout for your old foe, Moby Dick, in search of the ultimate redemption.

Nantucket – Launch Trailer (Windows, now Linux and Mac)

Nantucket Features include:

  • EXPLORE THE SEVEN SEAS: Set sail around the world, visit cities, and increase your prestige. All by hunting whales, landing jobs, and searching for new adventures.
  • BE THE CAPTAIN YOU WANT TO BE: Develop your character in true RPG fashion, by increasing your stats, choosing your reactions, and developing your seafaring skills.
  • MANAGE YOUR SHIP AND CREW: Hire and manage your crew, give them tasks on your ship, and improve your ship with new compartments, expanding your ship’s capabilities.
  • EXPERIENCE THE GOLDEN AGE OF WHALING: Experience more than a thousand unique events tailored around your choices and face the consequences of your actions.
  • HUNT WHALES AND FIGHT PIRATES: Discover new whaling areas, hunt whales for blubber, and protect your ship from pirates using a turn-based combat system.
  • CHASE AFTER MOBY DICK: Follow an original storyline and complete quests to unveil the secrets behind Moby Dick and dissolve Ahab’s curse.

Priced at $17.99 £13.99 / €17.99. Nantucket is available now via Steam, Humble Store, Gamersgate and Green Man Gaming.