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Natural Law coming to Interstellar Space: Genesis

natural law expansion coming to interstellar space: genesis on windows pc linux support is delayed

Natural Law expansion coming to Interstellar Space: Genesis on Windows PC, but Linux support is delayed. According to recent details from developer Praxis Games. Since the game available on both Humble Store, itch and Steam.

The Interstellar Space: Genesis Natural Law expansion is due to release November 18th. Also release a massive free 1.2 update on the same day.

So for a while now I have been keeping in contact with Praxis Games. With the new expansion on the way, this is a great time to reach out regarding Linux. And the reply from the developer paints a picture of the community and support.

Linux Support:

People have been reporting that the game plays well on Proton, picking up from the Windows files. However, they also report some graphical corruption here and there. Namely in the colony view and a choppy intro movie. Although the intro is not a big deal, graphical corruption on the colony view is.

Since the graphics issue is obvious to both the developer and native players. But it’s the community reviews that also impact the lack of Linux support. And the same goes for the new Natural Law expansion.

These reports are significant because even not too long ago we got a negative review from a Steam user playing on Linux via Proton. Each negative review hurts our prospects deeply. So, as you can see, this is what happens when you don’t provide official support for Linux. So imagine what would happen if you did support it officially?

Once again it seems the community is hurting its chances for a native port. The Praxis Games developer also goes on to explain, they want to support Linux and Mac. But it’s “not possible to guarantee the level of quality and support that we need.” And it’s not possible to outsource development.

So, unfortunately, there will not be native Linux support for the time being. If we can sell many more copies and the company grows. Then perhaps that can happen at some point in the future.

Interstellar Space: Genesis – Natural Law Trailer

As for the Natural Law, this is the first expansion pack for Interstellar Space: Genesis. Which will not be available on Linux. But do go along with the expansion release. You can also expect the free 1.2 update on November 18th. This free update adds a lot of new features and important QoL improvements. While including balance changes and bug fixes. Many of which are coming in response to player feedback.

The Free 1.2 update:

The highlights include a new tactical auto-combat feature. As well as faster tactical combat animation options. And improvement to auto-resolve calculations. Along with the option to hide future tech when going with random tech trees. And also changes in rally points, and much more. And… the developer loves their fans. They would like like to offer a new fleet set. Available to everyone who owns and buys the game when the expansion and the free update are out. This will be a second Human fleet set that will be available when customizing a new race. Any race can play with this new fleet. It is based on an old Human fleet, now much improved and brought to the same level of polish as the other fleets.

Regarding Natural Law, the objective is to really infuse the galaxy. While offering a great deal more variety and flavor. To do that, this means introducing some more friendly, and potentially not so friendly, faces. As 4X fans, Praxis Games know there is no better way to do that than through the introduction of two new races to the game. As for many new rulers and other goodies.

Here are the Natural Law expansion’s features:

  • 2 new playable races, the nature loving Palacean, and the law-enforcing Cerixx, each fully equipped with unique new capabilities which are also usable by custom races.
  • 9 additional unique and fully animated rulers are ready to join your game and lead the game’s default races or your own custom ones.
  • 4 new music tracks inspired by the new races
  • 4 new leaders from the new races!

Interstellar Space: Genesis is available now on both Humble Store, itch and Steam. Priced at $29.99 USD for Windows PC. There is hope for Linux support going forward. But be mindful how you post a game review. And also stay tuned for the Natural Law expansion.