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NCSoft inks Unreal Engine 4 deal

South Korean giant to use Epic’s dev platform build ‘top tier games of a massive scale’


MMO publisher and developer NCSoft has licensed Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 in a new long-term deal.

The agreement means NCSoft can use the next-gen development platform for its upcoming projects, with the company planning on building “top-tier games of a massive scale”.

NCSoft also becomes the first studio to license Unreal Engine 4 in South Korea.

“Unreal Engine 4 is an extremely fascinating game engine in terms of its unprecedented efficiency and performance,” said NCSoft chief product officer James Bae.

“We plan to release our best game ever using our Unreal Engine expertise and the new state-of-the-art Unreal Engine 4 tools.”

NCsoft signed a similar deal with Epic Games in March last year to develop and publish games using Unreal Engine 3.

The South Korean company has previously used Unreal Engine to create and publish a number of titles, including fantasy MMORPGLineage II and and martials arts MMORPG Blade & Soul.

From Linux Game News:

NCsoft is the company behind such games as AionBlade & SoulGuild Wars,Guild Wars 2Lineage II, and Wildstar.
Considering the previous news regarding decisions in Epic’s view on digital content, it seems we can expect to see some significant changes. Ryan “icculus” Gordonported Dungeon Defenders to Linux, the first Unreal game to make it’s debut. Not to mentioned the petition for to port Guild Wars 2 to Linux. Which resulted in the games development team making the decision to have GW2 work with WINE. Not quite the big finish we were all hoping for, but reasonable.

Now, this may not seem like much at this time, but to see a company like NCsoft pass up an opportunity to create a more dynamic venue from this long-term deal. It seems slim.
Still, for now, this is a “wait and see”.

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